Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 6 - SAHME

Today was a day to try a new eating schedule. The beauty of a eat/wake/sleep schedule is that you really take the guess work out of the day. Once Crosby fell into a schedule, there was no guessing if she was hungry or tired. Well, our little 3 month old is growing out of her 3 hour schedule. Up until now, she ate every 3 hours. Now we didn't feed her through the night, her last feeding ends up being around 10:30pm. This last feeding helps her make it until 6am.

After staying home a whole week with her, I quickly realized that this little girl isn't hungry every 3 hours. In fact there were 2 days where she went 5 hours with out eating - believe me I tried to feed Crosby she just wasn't hungry.

Since she's healthy, happy and growing I really hesitated in trying to change what has been working. However, Crosby has a different plan. Last week we battled several times with the noon feeding. "NOT HUNGRY, " she'd scream. Was I a good listener? NOPE. She just HAD to be hungry, after all it had been 3 hours since she ate last.

After reading a few chapters, talking to a few seasoned moms, and just listening to our baby, Tim and I realized that she needs more time in between her meals. She is thriving and growing, she is changing daily. We realized that if she's changing there is a good chance her meal times might also change. We're trying to spend more time awake and still getting enough rest time. I swear to you she grows over night!

What I tried implementing today seems to have worked (for today). She has 1st breakfast at 6am, 2nd breakfast at 9:30am, 1st lunch at 12:45 (couldn't make it until 1), and then 2nd lunch/1st dinner at 3:10 (she only cat napped from between 1 and 3, afternoon napping is a whole nother battle/blog). This should set her up for 2nd dinner at around 6:30ish...we'll see. Tim and I are planning on taking her to her 1st volleyball game tonight. Bottle feedings can be a beating sometimes, even more so with distractions all around.

I absolutely love that I can stay home with her and go through all these fun changes with her. She is fun! I will leave you with a kiss from Crosby!

At what month did you notice a change in eating/sleeping patterns with your little one?


Katie and Bret said...

Ummmmm from day 1 Mollie kept us on our toes :)

Brian and Allie said...

Sounds like you and C are having a great time! Reese tended to eat every three hours until we started solids. Cade does this: 7am, 10:30am, 2pm, 5pm, 7pm, 10pm (dreamfeed). It works I spose ;)