Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


we just returned from buffalo, ny! we got to do some fun things things!
larry, monique, tim and craig at bar bills - best wings of the trip

raeanne, me, katie, and emma

vidler's - kind of like a ben franklin's

aunt sandy, buttons, and monique :)

the sisters - aimee, katie and leanne a backyard dance party

dance it out ladies...and chris

america falls

katie and bret at the falls

that's my man...oh yes he kept it on the whole trip
three's company
on the maid of the mist
smile tim

at the hardrock cafe - cool beans
they're the best of friends
rain delay photo op
we were really looking forward to the game....dang the rain
cute...they match. yup, they planned it.
this was our last night in buffalo, let's just say aimee had enough fun.

Monday, July 14, 2008

checking things off my list

the list below is the same one i made at the start of summer break. now more than half way through, i'd like to update my list....

things that i want to do/see:
1. paint my kitchen (not's the first thing i'll do when i get back from ny)
still haven't! why in the world haven't i started painting...
2. visit canton/spend $ (too dang hot in the summer, what was i thinking?) looking forward to it in november
3. spend time at the lake w/ tim (no pics...sorry) * twice in mn!
4. see the following movies:
-the house bunny not out yet saw it, loved it
-get smart *saw it with tim
-mama mia not out yet saw it will becca...if you don't like musicals, don't see it fools!
-sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 not out yet so good!
5. pool, pool, pool, and more pool *yes!
6. go to the zoo (ft. worth) had pthe opportunity, but didn't take it.
7. celebrate my mom's wedding on july 4th!
8. 4th of july fun (cabin w/ mom and bob) i have firework pics to prove it :)
9. try all non-dairy smoothies from smoothie factory very, very close
10. go to at least one twins game (at the dome) not just one, but 3! go twins!
11. visit the 35 bridge (mn) didn't see it up close it's up, will be looking forward to see it next week
12. eat at zen sushi not at zen, but i did go to tom toms
13. walk around lake calhoun (mn) not enough time in mpls
14. make the trip to sprinkles cupcakes hopefully becca will go with me before we start school
15. eat at zelo (mn) *yup...for our 2 year anniversary
16. play with hadly, noah, and breanna *love them
17. fish with my dad dad didn't want to go under my stipulations...sun!
18. read the 4th book of sisterhood of the traveling pants *done and done
19. bike to the library at least once a week what was i thinking?
20. visit niagara falls in just a few short days! went and loved it. you have to do the maid of the mist boat tour, it rocks!
21. eat wings and drink beer with the white's in buffalo, ny in just a few short days! wings, wings, and more wings. my husband loves wings. every opportunity we got, we had them :)
22. take the girls to kung fu panda haven't seen it yet. didn't go with the girls, but i got to go with tim

Thursday, July 10, 2008

back in the big d

we're back from our trip to mn. we had a great time with family and friends. plus i got to cross a lot of things of my summer "to-do" list.
tim surprised me for our 2nd anniversary with diner and roses at zelos in nicollet ave

i was very surprised...hence the army shorts

then we went to a twins game! go twins!


brother ross and karly

brady - darci and robert's son
at the cabin

the vows....
stevie and cody - in town for the big day
happy 4th of july