Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 19 - SAHME

-Crosby's Day-

3:30 - 4:30am - Came unswaddled, pooped on pjs and sleeper, playing and talking in crib = daddy to the rescue
4:30 - 6:00 - Sleep
6 -6:30 - Talking to Jeff (Giraffe) and Dolly
6:30 - Breakfast and more chatting (this time with mommy)
6:45 - 7:30 - Found herself in a mirror (deep conversation and shrieking), playmat time, swinging
7:31 - Ready for AM nap (I would be too if I was up all night)
7:40 -Down for AM nap, couldn't quite make it to 8am
7:40 - 10:30 - Slept
10:30 - 12:00 - Eat, play with Olivia, exersaucer time, tummy time, swing, talk to Auntie Tabi, cuddle with mommy

(Olivia 22 months - Crosby 3 months)
12:00 - 2:00 - Nap
2:00 - 3:00 - Eat, skype with Grandma, lay on the floor, just wants to be held by momma
3:10 - Momma's arms hurt, swing time
3:15 - Fell asleep in swing
4:10 - Daddy got home!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 18 - SAHME

Thursday already? This week is flying by.

Today we went to hang out with our sweet little friends E and S again. Crosby did much better this time, no screaming! She napped while the we got caught up of what is going on in our day to day lives. Kara even shared a super yummy recipe with me! I can't wait to try these guilt free cookies. :) Thank you Kara for a nice break in the day. I can't wait for next weeks visit. Maybe even S will "read" Crosby and I one of her books.

The ride home was LOUD! Miss Crosby decided that neither her or I were going to listen to the radio. Instead, she SCREAMED and YELLED the entire ride home. Apparently she had something super important to tell me and she was getting frustrated that I didn't understand the words that were coming out of her mouth. That was a fun 20 minutes.

Once home, Tim swooped in for some soothing and cuddling. Crosby then had dinner and a bath. She calmed down enough to play for a little while before bed time, which tonight was at 6:45. Since her afternoon nap was brief, I decided she needed some extra zzz's tonight.

All snug in her bed (wrapped up like a cocoon), I decided to make some banana nut bread. It smells delish and will go great with my Bailey's Creamer! Did you all go out and get yours yet? Until tomorrow...which is Friday and I am going out for a Girls Night!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 17 -- SAHME

Good Morning Mommy - blah (spit up all down my neck), pftttt diaper now full and crawling up Crosby's back....Good Morning Wednesday. It was an interesting start to my day. Nothing like a TON of spit up running down your front, only to realize that something else is now running up your daughters back. Wonderful! All I could do is laugh, get her cleaned up and a load of laundry started. All of this happened before the sun came up.

This is day #3 of a very sleepy little girl. She had a decent AM nap before we loaded up the car to head north to see some friends for the afternoon. Like a trooper, Crosby slept the whole way up to our destination! :) This always makes me so happy. Once we arrived, her eyes magically POPPED open and she was wide awake ready to meet her newest little friends. While the kiddos looked each other over, the momma had a chance to catch up. This is a whole lot more difficult with a baby. While the big kids went down for a nap, we had a little more time to talk. Miss Crosby wasn't a fan of napping (partially my fault for not bringing her swaddle), so she just chilled with the moms.

It was fun to get out and visit with a dear friend. Crosby napped the ENTIRE way home, her eyes were shut before we even got onto 75. Once home, she was up again. Only this time, she was swaddled and put down in her crib for further napping. This gave me a chance to catch up on the news (facebook and emails) and to do laundry. Tim came home and she was still sleeping, so we both took a nap. The little sweetie slept for 3 hours. Our adventure tuckered her out.

Today was a good day!

Day 16 - SAHME

This is day 2 of a very sleepy baby. What does this mean? Today Crosby took three 2.5 hour naps. She is extra tired. When she's up she's very active, smiley, loud. Perhaps a growth spurt. She seems to be getting bigger every day.

We ventured out to eat lunch with Tim at work. I ate lunch with Tim, not Crosby. We didn't stay long since Crosby was EXTRA tired. She did manage to spit up on Tim in the short time we were there. We also got to visit with Becca.

Other than that, not much else is new. Sleep, eat, play...that is how our day went.

OHHHH......WAIT! She rolled over AGAIN, this time from back to belly! AHHHHHH! She is growing up way to fast. I put her down on her back to talk to her "friends" while I washed dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. She was talking/yelling and laughing with her birdie buddies. I walked over to peek at her and to my SURPRISE there she was on her belly! Ah, WHAT?!? I missed it? I put her back on her back to see if she'd perform her new trick once again, NOPE. We had spent all day together on the floor, I watched her every move. Honestly, I think she waits for us not to look to flip over. She's a sneaky one. She only did it once, but I guess technically we have a mover. Tim and I will be rug shopping in the near future.

In other news: HEB (our local grocery store) finally got this:

And, it is DELIGHTFUL! So far I have only tried the Original, but it is SO YUMMY. It is non-alcoholic, but tastes just like the actual thing.

With fall approaching, how do you know how to dress your baby for cooler temps?