Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter 08

last night i asked my hubby what he wanted for easter lunch. with no hesitation, he replied "mac 'n cheese". macaroni and cheese? what? for easter lunch? at this moment i really got a bit sad thinking how we had no plans for easter. sad that we don't have family close to share the day with. sad that we hadn't been asked to join a lunch, just sad.

no more that 5 minutes later my sweet friend nina called up and asked if we had plans. she too was feeling sad about all the same things. why i hadn't thought about calling her up, i'm not sure. we made a quick decision that we (the kee's and white's) would spend easter 08 together. we planned a menu and that was that. i feel extremely blessed to have such close friends. thank you nina and justin for spending easter with us. we love you!
tim and i - easter am

justin and nina

kees and whites

Thursday, March 20, 2008

family time

tim and i were blessed this spring break to have my sister and dad here with us. we had a great time both relaxing and catching up.

friday we made the journey to arkansas to visit family. we were able to meet our new baby cousin, briley for the first time. she is uber cute! at one point 11 of us were sleeping at betty and tim's. that's not including briley and the snake. that's right, we had a visitor....a garden snake. this nearly gave tabi a heart attack. thankfully preston and mike were able to get rid of it. although i am not afraid of snakes, i was also glad to see it go.

we spent friday - sunday with family, late sunday evening we made our way back to texas. monday tabi and i had some quality sister time. we slept in, went shopping, out to lunch, and had just enough time to grab a starbucks. while we were out, tim and dad spend the day golfing. fun. that night, i was able to introduce tabi and dad to texas spring softball. tim had a game and it gave me the opportunity to introduce my family to some of my texas family members. they were both really happy to see that tim and i have found a great group of friends. (tim did hit his first home run of the season! first of many i hope.)

tuesday we woke up to a gray sky...we knew it was going to be a messy day. it rained all day. most of our area was under a flash flood warning! there was a ton of rain, with really no place to go. we made the most of the rainy day and we went to the cinema! tabs and i saw horton hears a who, and dad and tim say vantage point. we both enjoyed our separate movies. steve and jim make me laugh, so i really had a lol day!

their trip came to a close with a visit to uncle julio's, our favorite mexican place.
we're so glad that they could come. we love and miss our family so much. we can't wait for some more family to come and visit!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

babies, babies, everywhere

i do realize that i have not been a terrific, what can i say i have been a bit wrapped up in stuff. stuff like babies. has anyone else noticed that they are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

babies at school, at church, at whataburger, at target
in tummies, movies, car seats, commercials, EVERYWHERE

all of my friends seem to either be having babies, or talking about having babies. the only problem with this is the big questions gets turned toward tim and i.

almost all of our friends either have babies or are having them soon:
j+a=no name yet

max is super cute and cuddly. yea, he'll be a week old this sunday.
little parker, well we haven't met him yet. we hope to be enjoying his company soon.
i can't wait to meet annika and our little baby who will be here later this year.

tim and i will be there to greet each new little bundle of joy. just as we know, ya'll will be there for us. no, no, no there is no big news to announce. don't worry, we'll keep you informed.