Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 1 - SAHME

I am calling this the "Stay at Home Mom Experience". So far, it has been quite different than a normal 5th grade science teacher type of day.

1st: Crosby isn't quite talking yet, so the conversation is one sided. She does offer up lots of giggles, smiles, shrieks, and drool.
2nd: I don't have to shower or put on makeup, C doesn't care.
3rd: I have the freedom to sit down, check Facebook, talk on my phone, etc without getting in trouble.
4th: No rush pumping sessions while trying to grade papers, lesson plan, answer parent emails/phone calls, eat lunch. I get to enjoy my time with C!
5th: My C time isn't limited to 1 hour in the AM and 2-3 in the PM.
6th: There is down time. But since I am at home, there is laundry, dishes, etc to do.

I really can't imagine my list ending. Being at school, teaching 5th graders is WAY different than being at home with a little one. Both different, both good. I love that I have this opportunity to stay at home with her. I am thrilled that we will not have to put her in child care until she's 6 months old. What a BLESSING!

Our 1st day at home together was very chill. The morning flew by. She napped AMAZINGLY, ate WONDERFULLY and was as happy as can be. The afternoon was a little bit slower. Naps were not quite as long, thus making her less happy. She's working her way out of her swaddle (she's very strong), plus we turned the a/c off due to cooler temps. The combination of the two may have caused some lighter naps. Who knows. Maybe she was just too excited to sleep knowing I would be here to play with her. :)

We'll see what day 2 brings us.

? - When does one stop swaddling?


Katie and Bret said...

We stopped when we let Mollie sleep on her tummy. I dont think babies get very good control of their arms until around 4 months. But whenever you do stop be prepared for a couple of rough naps due to learning how to sleep a "new" way.

andreabazan said...

we actually swaddled summer until she was about 10 months old! however, when she got older, like 4 or 5 months, we started swaddling her under her armpits, leaving her arms out because that seemed to make her happier. when she was 4 months old, it started to be winter, so i was worried about her being cold, so having her swaddled (we used a swaddleme) made me feel better because i knew she was warm, since i could put a blanket on her. i've also heard of swaddling a baby, leaving one arm free, so they don't spend the whole time trying to get their hand out! :-) hope this helps!