Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tim's Great Adventure

Tomorrow Tim begins his adventure of a stay at home dad. Follow him @

White Family Photo Shoot

While the whole family was together in October, we had ourselves a little photo shoot. Here are some cute snaps from that day.

Everyone in their gray, pink and white!

Proud Grandparents!

The Miller Family
The Euken Family
The White Family

Dads and Daughters aka Bretx2 and Timx2

Auntie Leanne and the girlsSenior Picture x7
The whole group again.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Muddy Buddy

On October 16th, Tim participated in his first Muddy Buddy Race in Cedar Hill. He buddied up with a friend from work. During the course of the race, they had to run/bike and complete a series of obstacles. The race was through the Cedar Hill State Park and was 6 miles long. At the end of the race they had to scale a final obstacle and then crawl through a mud pit! These two were quite the pair, finishing the race with a time of 1:00:47! Rock Stars!

Rounding the final corner to the finish line!

Post race with us...Crosby did not want to face the sun.

Justin and Tim - post race

Grandma Lonna Came to Town

I went back to work this past week. Thankfully, Grandma Lonna was able to come and take care of Crosby for a whole week. In addition to taking care of C, she also made dinner each night, cleaned, and did our laundry. Fantastic!
We were so blessed to have her come and take care of us for a whole week.

Here are a few things we did...

Went to watch Tim at the Columbia Muddy Buddy Race in Cedar Hill. Posts from this event will follow. Here are the two of them just talking and laughing. It was a beautiful day.

Taking a break for cuddling.

Yes, I insisted on playing dress up. Crosby is still a really good sport about it.

She was very interested in eating her shoes. She is rocking her new corduroys.

Trying out her winter hat. When is it going to be cold enough to wear?

Grandma Lonna got to sit in a quite a few bath nights.

Just relaxing post bath.

Playing with her new block from Grandma! She LOVES them!

Thank you mom for coming into town for a whole week. Thank you Bob for letting us have her! We had so much fun catching up, laughing, going for walks, seeing Footloose, watching Tim at the Muddy Buddy. Thank you for a wonderful week! I love you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

4 Month Stats

Crosby had her 4 month doctor visit earlier this week.

And the results are in....

14.5 pounds

26 inches

She's a growing girl! Tim said she took her shots like a champ!

Quick Trip to Minnesota

On Tuesday, October 11th Tim and I got a call that we never wanted to receive. Tim's sister Leanne has breast cancer. Leanne is 20 weeks pregnant with her first child, a boy! Tim and I knew that we needed to be there. Thankfully we found a flight that allowed us to be in MN for 3 days for some much needed quality time.

Please join us in praying for Leanne, Ryan and their little boy. Follow Leanne's journey @

During out quick trip...

Mollie and Crosby met for the first time in person...Crosby couldn't take her eye's off of her older, more mature cousin. Auntie Kath also met Crosby for the first time.
Mollie blessed her sweet little cousin.
Some quality hand holding/play time took place.
A little bouncing....

Bonding time with Uncle Tim and Mollie.
Cousin bath time.
Dads and Daughters
Getting ready for our family photo, gray, and white!

Cute cousin hats!
Mommy and CrosbyFamily Picture
I took one of C and each set of family members, but can't find them. As soon as I do, I will post them.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 24 - SAHME

This marks the start of my last week at home with Crosby. She is hitting so many mile stones, it's been AWESOME to be able to stay at home with her to witness them first hand.

Today has been a "recover from the weekend" sort of day. She is one sleep little girl. Or maybe it's a "recover from last night" type of day. Tim said she was up from 11:30ish to 1am talking to herself. I got up with her at 3:30. I guess she just wanted us to remember that she was there. She's so sweet to think of us. Tim was gone all day Saturday, so maybe she just wanted to spend extra time with him. Who knows, she's making it up today during her naps. Love her!

4 Months

Miss Crosby is 4 months old today! She is growing and changing daily. This is such a fun age! We feel like each day she's making new discoveries and learning new tricks.

Her 4 month check up isn't until next Monday, so I have no stats yet. Trust me, she is growing like a weed! After her appointment, I will let you all know what we find out.

She is wearing size 3-6 months clothes. I know! And she's still in size 1 diapers during the day, but size 2 at night.

She is becoming more and more aware of her surroundings. Her eyes are constantly looking around and taking in everything.

In the past month Crosby has:

-rolled over from front to back

-rolled over from back to front

-started eating every 4 hours (was every 3)

-attended her first LSRO volleyball game

-reach and grabs toys

-went to her first baby shower

-becoming more and more vocal

-blows bubbles

-laughs and giggles

-gives big open mouth kisses

-discovered eyebrows

-puts everything in her mouth

-plays in her excersaucer (thanks Alishia and Olivia)

-sleeps well from 10pm - 6am (most nights)

-is a GREAT napper

-lots of smiles

-does well in the car, does great in the car if daddy is there too!


-having her diaper changed
-talking to her friends
-going to Chipotle and Sprinkles
-looking in the mirror
-rolling over (back to front)
-Skyping and Facetiming with family
-having visitors in town
-bath time
-being swaddled for naps and bedtime
-playing in the excersaucer
-going for walks
-listening/singing to music
-play dates with friends
-watching baseball with daddy (Go Rangers!)


-having a stuffy nose
-waking up early from naps and not being able to fall back asleep
-having snot suctioned out of her nose
-short car rides with mommy
-laying down when she'd rather be standing
-waiting to eat

Her likes far out weigh her dislikes. She is an amazing little girl. Tim and I are blessed that she is so easy going and just goes with the flow. We love you so much Crosby!

October Weekend Visitors!

This weekend we had a couple visitors come to town. Papa and Grammie flew in on Friday (Tim had the day off due to the state fair - Fair Day!). All 3 of us went to pick them up from the airport. The weekend flew by!

Golf was played on Friday, along with 8 surprise visitors! Uncle Bret and 7 other Iowa State fans stopped by for dinner on their way to Waco.

Saturday Tim and Papa drove down to meet the guys for tail gating fun and the Iowa State - Baylor game. While they guys were away, Grammie got to spend time with the girls. Crosby had lots of fun singing, cuddling, and playing with Grammie. After Crosby's 2nd nap, we headed out to do some shopping. Grammie found C a brand new outfit! We can't wait for the temps to drop so Crosby can wear it. It will be perfect for Thanksgiving!

The guys headed back early Sunday morning so we could all go to church together. After church, we went to Cracker Barrel for brunch! Yummy! After doing my fair share of window shopping, it might be a Cracker Barrel Christmas for all! There were lots of good finds! Papa bought his girls the cutest boots. Mollie and Crosby will have to do a fashion show at Thanksgiving. They look like UGG boots and they are darling.

We spent the rest of Sunday napping and watching football. It was a WONDERFUL weekend. We are so thankful and blessed that Grammie and Papa were able to spend the weekend with us.

Thank you for EVERYTHING! We LOVE you!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 23 - SAHME

Raise your hand if took 2 two hour naps and if you rolled from your back to your tummy today?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 22 - SAHME

Up All Night - not just a new fall NBC show.

Miss Crosby has a stuffy nose. You can hear it when you walk into her room. A stuffy nose makes it difficult to sleep. I called the doctor yesterday and they will not see her unless she has 2 of the following 3 symptoms: a fever (nope), eating less (nope), sleeping less (yup). No doctor for us, but they did recommend a few things that I went out last night to get.

1. A cool mist humidifier (already had one, but needed a new filter)
2. Saline drops for her little nose

Since I went out after bed time last night, I couldn't start them until this AM. So, even though she only woke up a hand full of times, I had a really hard time falling back to sleep. Crosby wasn't 'Up All Night', it was just her momma. She did wake up a lot compared to her 1 or 2x a night.

Naps today were non-existent. I take that back, she did nap for two hours this am, then an hour for her second nap. It's just not enough. She is so tired, but for whatever reason can't sleep for long periods of time . Her 3:30 nap rolled around and that was a no go in her crib, so she is napping for however long she can in her swing. Right now she's just looking at me and not napping, but at least she's in the napping-zone (eyes heavy, sucking her paci). I am just praying those little eyes shut soon, she is just SO TIRED!

UPDATE: Those tired eyes did not shut. :( Poor little girl only slept a total of 4 hours all day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 21 - SAHME

Swaddle or not to swaddle? That is our question.

Miss Crosby has been an awesome sleeper up until this point. She has been sleeping through the night for a very long time and we are SUPER THANKFUL for this! As of lately she has begun to over power her wedge (it's the white thing in the corner). She will end up on her tummy or even on her back sometimes. When she rolls to her back, her little eyes pop open! Sleep time is over in her book. She has always been a side sleeper, in a wedge, swaddled. Well, these days may have to come to an end soon.

Here are some problems that we are facing:
Problem#1: She is a big girl and will smoosh the wedge - ending up on her back.
Problem#2: The swaddle we like, this is the largest size they make. She is almost to long for it.
Problem#3: She is a thumb sucker, yet hasn't figured out how to sooth herself with this method since we ALWAYS swaddle her. (EX: We are in the car, she drops her paci = SCREAMING! I calmly tell her that you have two thumbs, use them. She does not understand this concept yet.)
Problem#4: I LOVE the swaddle, she sleeps so well. I don't want to get rid of either the wedge or swaddle.

In the picture below, I unwrapped her arms and turned her sideways. I thought, lets see what she does with her arms out. OH MY WORD! She was loving this, but not loving it so much she wanted to go back to bed. Each time the paci was in, she quickly knocked it out with her hands trying to get them in her mouth. Problem is, she wants both (paci and fingers) in her mouth at the same time. Yes, it looks like she's watching a crib TV. It is a toy that plays music and lights up, not sure how long this will stay in the crib. It might be a distraction. Once she gets those arms out, very shortly after her legs come out. I can fix this problem, we can put her in a sleep sac.

ANY SUGGESTIONS? If you swaddled, how did you transition to no swaddle?

Sitting up in her BUMBO talking to mommy and her friends.

Sitting so well. Doesn't it look like she's ready for a conversation?

At this point, she was getting sick of me taking pictures. I love those cheeks!