Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

god's amazing handy work

this was the view of the clouds last night from our backyard. what a blessing to see.

lsro athletic banquet

tim did present awards to his girls basketball team, but i forgot to snap some photos. i guess that you will just have to trust me that there were h.s. athletes there. we had a fun night!

us at the athletic banquet

jackie, becca and i

just becca and i

our a.d. andy

scott and becca

a new addition to our 5th grade team

on may 21st we had our newest member to the fifth grade team show her face for the first time. kara gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. the three of us went to visit as soon as we could. sadie is super precious! we are so glad she is finally here! congratulation kara and joel!

babysitting on moving day

my dear friends carrie and jake recently moved north. instead of moving heavy objects, i had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite little girls for a few hours. i nearly forgot to document the day, i did remember during meal time. she loved her tangelos!