Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Monday, July 19, 2010

an afternoon @ the zoo

the como zoo! it was a perfect day to visit the zoo. the place was packed with visitors shuffling from one exhibit to another. as we made our way around the zoo we saw: one polar bear pacing, a lion sleeping in the sun, a tiger roaming, a giraffe excessively licking a pole, a primate with a tshirt on it's head, and several hundred butterflies fluttering about. it was a great day!

a pre-zoo picnic - jimmy johns

fran, tim and i - by the zebras

sisters and a giraffe

the butterfly exhibit

photo ops by the water


@ the cabin

we spent the afternoon @ the lake. mom made brats, we picked wild raspberries, and got a little sun. it was a beautiful day. the colors of the lake and sky were breathtaking.

dad's 50th

my dad turned 50 this month. a surprise party was thrown in his honor @ the portage in floodwood. we had good food, lots of laughs, and caught up with family and friends. i love my family! happy 50th dad!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

waco on the 4th

tim and i have never repeated a 4th of july venue. since we've met, every year we have gone somewhere new to celebrate our nations independence. but, we had such a great time last year in waco, we knew we needed to come back. a big thanks to kate and mike and lou and kathy for your very generous hospitality. you make us feel like part of the family.

happy 4th of july!

becca and i

tim and kate

the three amigos - check out last years 4th pic - all three are wearing the same exact shirts. there is no way this could have been planned. they didn't even realize it.

elivs - he was amazing!


in june we went to the musical production of wicked. tim and i went with three other couples. first we went to fireside pies, yummy! if you have not seen wicked, it's a must. you will not be disappointed. we had a very fun, relaxing evening.

becca and i @fireside pies - yummy!

becca, jackie, and i @ fireside pies - did i mention yummy!

during intermission @ wicked