Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 2 - SAHME

Day 2 was a lot like day 1, but insert a good morning walk and a really good napper. Crosby was a very tired little girl today. A couple long 2 hour naps, she was so sleepy. I didn't want to venture out when she was sleeping so well. We have 26 more days for adventure!

Our first walk was a brisk (by Texas standards) and sunny. It's difficult to find route to walk that wasn't putting sun in Crosby's eyes. Maybe we'll have to use the shades Grandma Lonna bought today on our adventure.

On our walk - she loved it and stayed awake the whole time!

This is how I "caught" Crosby after her 1:30 nap! She was just laying there relaxing and talking to herself. When I walked in, her eyes got really big. Love this expression!

Notice that she has magically made her way out of her swaddle. No matter how tight I seem to wrap her, out pops an arm. She still slept for 2 hours. How long did she sleep like this? Who knows!

Plans for day 3: visit daddy at work, go to Target (maybe Walmart for gas drops)

? - Sun shades for car windows: do they work well for you? How do you keep the glaring sun out of your sweet babies eyes while in the car?


Katie and Bret said...

We have them, but the sun will inevitably get in their eyes at some poin in the ride. They will just learn to deal with it :)

andreabazan said...

i agree-we tried a shade in the window, but it kept falling down, and the sun would find its way into her eyes anyway from a different angle or spot in the car! i think they just learn to deal with it! but as for walks, she definitely needs some cool sunglasses! :-)