Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ovilla Heritage Days Here We Come!

On Saturday we helped the City of Ovilla celebrate their heritage!  It was a fun afternoon of greasy food, slides, animals, bounce houses, and tattoos! We had fun and here are some pictures to capture our adventures. (our daytime adventures led to some evening adventures for Miss Crosby...she had an upset tummy :( )
Fire Trucks!  A must stop photo spot.  Notice her "cell phone"?
This is what Carter did the whole time, suck on those fingers and relax in the stroller.
First stop, TATTOOS! - It's a Bikers Against Child Abuse tat.
Just looking at the petting zoo.

We meet a horse/dog. It was Crosby's idea to walk over and say hello.  Brave Girl!
With some encouragement she went in for a nice pet.
We made two visits at the bounce house. It was FREE and so much fun for our fearless girl.
Our sweet friends Peyton and Presley joined in on the bounce house fun.
Some favorites: park, funnel cake, water towers!

She loved swinging!

And sliding!

And what ever this this was kinda like a see-saw.
 We had a very fun time as a family!  We missed the parade for the second year in a row now.  Maybe we'll make it next year. :)

Day 10 - End of Week 2

Two weeks have already flown by so fast.  Today busy day in between naps. We were busy hopping in between Tim's school and mine taking care of some quick errands.  While we were out, we brought Tim lunch and got to hang out with him for a little bit at school.  
Sleepy Girl after visiting daddy

During the day I noticed another pearly white...that's right, tooth #2 has made it's appearance on her 4th month birthday! (4 Month Photo-shoot and stats to follow later)  Two teeth, really Carter?!? 
One tooth very visible!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 9

Well, there is an explanation to why yesterday was a rough day.  Carter was cutting her first tooth.  That's right, just one day of shy of turning 4 months, she has her first tooth.  Wow!  What is she growing up so fast?
It's hard to see, but it's there!  Tooth #1

Today we got out of the house to run up to the school.  We were able to see a few people on our quick trip.  I did not go to my classroom, that would have just been crazy.

 Now that tooth #1 is here, Carter gets to rock her very own teething necklace.  We put a baltic amber teething necklace on Crosby around 7 months and it's been on ever since.  She still hasn't cut her final 2 year molar.  We thought Crosby could pass on her necklace to Carter.  Well, that's not happening since little Miss Carter is already teething. 

 She was a much happier, content little girl today.  Naps were back to normal, she was smiley, and didn't have to be constantly held.  I will say that if that was her "teething", I'll take it! She woke up a few times at night, but went back to sleep with the help of daddy and her paci.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 8

Today felt like a Monday.  An I'm late for work, the alarm clock didn't go off, stuck in traffic, Monday.  Carter just wasn't her normal happy self.  Her naps were short, she was fussy and wanted to be held.  I love that I'm the one that gets to stay home with her and snuggle her on her "off" days.  
A paci sucking kind of day.
We wanted to take in some of the beautiful weather and we both needed to get out of the house.  Carter was such a trooper on our walk.  There were no clouds in the sky so she had to blink to keep the sun out of her eyes.  The fresh air was amazing.  
She's growing so fast.
We did have to dodge a few spider webs on our walk.  They were all over the place.  Check it out here.  All I can say is gross. We avoided getting tangled in any webs, thank God!
Spider webs in the trees.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 7

6:00 - Rise and shine, Carter is full of smiles 
6:30 - 1st breakfast is over
6:30 - 7:00 - Carter in the bouncer watching the morning go by.  Crosby get up, dressed, fed and teeth brushed
7:10 - Good bye to sister, smooches all around
7:10 - 8:00 - Play Mat time, Jump a Roo
8:00 -10:00 - 1st Nap
10:00 - Up and at em, 2nd breakfast
10:30 - In the car ready to go to Target and pick up lunch for daddy
10:45 - 11:30 - Target time, enjoying riding in the cart and talking to mommy
11:30 - Pick up lunch for daddy at Panda Express 
11:40 - 12:00 - Hang out with daddy at school (all smiles and coos)
12:10 - 2:30 - Nap, woke up a few times came unswaddled, rolled onto her back
2:30: Lunch
3:00 - 4:30 - Play time 
4:15 - Daddy and Crosby got home

The weather has been consistently cool (under 100) for a week and Carter and I try to enjoy the weather (all while dodging BUGS) each day.  Today we hung out on the front steps while waiting for daddy and sister to come home.  I am loving sweet snuggle time with this little girl.  She is getting so big.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Day 6

Mondays are our recover from the weekend days.  The first week flew by so fast. 1 week down, 9 more to go.  I want this time to slow down.  

Sending daddy a hello picture! (outfit #2)
We had a great day at home, relaxing.  Carter had some great naps (I had a good one too), she loves playing on her play mat and watching anything that makes noise.  I pulled out and cleaned up the Jump a roo yesterday and introduced it into our rotation.  She seems a bit indifferent about it, but she does love the lights and sound.

Trying out a new toy.
So thankful for technology and that we were able to FaceTime with Nama and Auntie Tabi.  Carter loves seeing family everyday!

Watching Food Network with Mommy.

She's getting to be quite the talker.  I believe Carter was having a full conversation with her friends.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's Finally Fall!

You know when it's fall in Tejas when the temperatures dip below 100!  It's finally fall, well at least this weekend.  While at the dentist office yesterday we spotted this extra cute pumpkin idea.  I like the idea of using ribbon and felt instead of cutting the pumpkin open.  Who wouldn't love to see a pumpkin full of kitties?

What are your pumpkin ideas?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 5 Part 2

We made it home from our trip to the dentist by 9:30. Tim headed back to work, and I stayed at home with my two sweeties.  Crosby normally goes to daycare during the day, but today she stayed with us!  You'll have to excuse my lack of pictures, I had my hands full!

After Carter ate, we FaceTimed with Nama to show her Crosby's tooth.  We sang lots of songs, did tummy time, FaceTimed with Auntie Kitty and Mollie Moo, Auntie Lanny, Leo, and Uncle Ran Dog.  Carter was so tired, that she needed to go down for a nap.  Crosby and I made lunch and had lots of fun together. After lunch, Crosby and I both napped (yup, a perk of staying at home).  

Carter was ready to get up before I was, silly girl.  So she ate and had some good quality time with her friends on her play mat while I unloaded the dishwasher.  Big sister was up before long and the fun continued.  Crosby ate a snack (frozen grapes) and we FaceTimed with Grammie.  Not long after that, daddy came home. 

We are looking forward to a our weekend.  Nothing major on the agenda for us.  I had way to much excitement over the last night/day to last all weekend!

Sporting baby Carter's hat! 

Day 5 Part 1

I don't think my heart rate has slowed down yet.  Last night out oldest took a major spill onto our concrete floor, face first.  With some huge tears and heavy sobs, we discovered that Miss Crosby broke her top front tooth.  :(  We got a number of a children's dentist from a friend who had a similar experience earlier this summer.

The dentist called us back very quickly and asked for some details including wanting to see pictures of the break. She wanted to tell us our possible options, two of which were putting her under.  She said she would know more after a couple x-rays.  We had an appointment for 8 am.  Seeing as this would be Crosby's first experience at a dentist, they wouldn't do anything major until a follow up visit.

Crosby calmed down fairly quickly.  She wanted to be held, but other than that she wanted to eat dinner as normal.  We took that as a good sign.  She is so strong and brave.  Thank you for all that were praying for her and us!

Crosby slept all night (Praise God!!), Carter on the other hand was a different story. That little wiggle worm can get out of the best of swaddles.  I was up at 5:30, time to start my day.  Tim took a 1/2 day to come with us to the dentist.  We dropped Carter off with Miss Grace and Miss Becca to sleep while we took Crosby to the dentist.

She loved this chair!
While she patiently waited her turn Crosby played in the waiting room.  She love the bean bag chair they had.  Good thing the only other child that was waiting was a baby, it didn't look like Crosby was up for sharing.  They called her name and we walked to the x-ray station.  Crosby sat on daddy's lap while the dental assistant took two x-rays of her mouth.  She sat there like a big girl, like a champ.
Daddy and Crosby getting x-rays taken.  Brave Girl!
Next we were off to the exam room.  There were toys and puzzles on the floor, it helped keep her busy.  The dentist came in and told us what she was going to do with Crosby today.  She told us what we could expect and what typically happens.  Crosby bravely climbed up onto the giant purple exam chair.  There was a TV on the ceiling, which may have helped.  They gave her a glove to play and mommy gave her a finger to hold.

The doctor basically put on a band-aid as she called it.  She put on protective layer over the exposed tooth.  Crosby sat so still, followed directions, and was a fantastic patient.  The dentist said it was a good break and it happens often, both of which didn't make me feel any better.  However, she said that things look good.  We need to make sure it stays clean and watch for any abscesses (which will be Tim's department) and she'll see us back for a follow up in 10 days.  Then again after that in a month, then 3 months, 6 months, etc.

As of right now we are leaving it was is, broken and jagged until further notice.  They do not want to pull a baby tooth until 2 years prior to them loosing them if at all possible.  A cap would require them to sedate her, which I'm not to crazy about.  So, we'll see what happens next.

I know we were covered in prayer.  She did amazing, the dentist even said so.  She earned a sticker (for rocking the x-ray part) and two tokens to spend on prize machines.  Her first pick was a mustache (no joke) and her second pick was a mega bouncy ball.

Her follow up appointment is on October 2nd, please continue to lift her up in your prayers.  Pray for no abscessing, the swelling to go down, and for the pain to be alleviated.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 4

Thursday started off in a hurry.  No alarms went off.  No big deal, right?  Our first born was our alarm today, waking the house up at 7am.  Tim had an early morning meeting, so we hit the ground running.

We have followed BabyWise with both girls.  We love it.  We believe in it.  Honestly, having babies on a sleep, eat, wake schedule is fantastic.  Both of our girls seem to do so much better on a predicable schedule.  This was proven again this am.

One full hour off of her "normal" eating time, Carter is just not herself today.  Since she woke up at 7, that would have pushed going back down to sleep until 9.  To say she was more than ready for sleep at 8:10 is no exaggeration.  She was ready.  She even slept with her arms out of her swaddle until 9:50.  We brought Tim lunch today and this girl was TIRED! I couldn't get her in her crib fast enough.  The sneaky 45 minute intruder strikes.  Quickly put the paci back in and off to dream land.  She is so tired.  I'm going to try letting her sleep until 2:30, this might help with her sleepiness!  Is she growing?

What did we get done today?  Let's see: put citizenship grades in, cleaned the kitchen (3x), put away laundry, brought Tim lunch, made crockpot lasagna soup, made and froze chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, blogged, killed a WASP,  snuggled my sweet little firecracker (who did not want to be by herself), walked to get big sister.

It's hard to believe it's only Thursday.

She's clever.

Day 3

What day is it today.........HUMP DAY!

We had a fun day.  I'd say it was a normal morning of naps and FaceTiming.  I have found that it is very easy to get distracted by all the mini projects that need to get done.  Blogging is one of the things that I have missed so much.  I'm so glad that I have time to do this again.

We are debating to stop swaddling during naps.  This little Texas twister can get out of some of the best swaddles.  This is how I found her during one of her naps today.  She was just sleeping away, sucking on her fingers.

I am loving staying at home and the freedom we have to take lunch to Tim.  Today we had a lunch date(s) at Tim's school.  I promised Becca that we'd try Whataburger's new Bacon Avocado Burger.  So Miss Carter and I were off to get some fantastically healthy lunch orders and meet Becca and Tim for an early lunch. Upon entering the school we were swarmed by former students and coworkers.  Babies always draw a crowd!  We loved getting out of the house to hang out with some of our favorite people for an hour.   

She looks gigantic here.  She's a finger sucker, any and all fingers.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 2: SAHME2

Tuesday was a successful day 2.  Carter is a very predictable napper, so it makes planning a day fairly easy.  We honestly have nothing on our daily agenda, like I said yesterday.  It's really nice to stay at home and just enjoy our time together.  I do try and get a few chores done during nap time, but other than that it a really chill day. 

We love getting to FaceTime with Nama at work, shhhhh.....don't tell her boss. Carter did get to sneak in a quick hello to a few Greats too!  She loved seeing Auntie Tabi, Great Gma Elsie, Great Gma Marvel, and Grumple Donnie.  We'd love to FaceTime!

She was extra tired today, possible growth spurt?  I looked back at Crosby's baby book and I noticed the same sleeping patterns at week 16.  Lots of sleep. 

Carter and I did venture out in the afternoon to get some much needed lunch supplies and groceries.  I introduced my little sweetie to Walmart.  If you don't have the pleasure of visiting your local Walmart during the day, Walmart is FULL of little old ladies.  Our planned 20 minute trip took double the time due to all the "let me get a look at that little princess."  She is such a good shopper! 

No room for groceries!  I have to figure out a better system.

After our trip to Walmart we picked up this little cutie.  She is getting to be so independent.  Each morning she helps get herself dressed, picks out breakfast, puts her shoes on and reminds mommy what we are doing "after school".  She loves playing with her little friends each day.  I love getting her fresh from her nap, full of energy and spunk.  Recently Crosby has been very into headbands, bows, flowers, etc.  She really likes having her hair put up in piggies.  Well on Saturday I wore a headband, can you guess who wants to wear a headband now?  She's so precious!

"Mommy, headband please and bow please."  How can I resist her sweet and polite request?

To any of my readers out there:  I am looking for a few good reads while I'm staying at home.  Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 1: Stay at Home Mom Experience 2

Yesterday started my 10 week stay at home mom experience.  Yes, I know what you are thinking.  She doesn't have a new born, Carter is nearly 4 months old.  And you're right.  She is almost 4 months old. 

Tim and worked it out so that I could take time off to spend quality one on one time with Carter Joy, just like we did with Miss Crosby.  This time around a few things are different: I'm the only one staying home, Crosby will be going to daycare most days, I will not be returning to school until December.  I am really looking forward to spending a lot of one on one time with this little cutie.  We don't have a whole lot on the agenda, just some daily FaceTime with our MN family and cuddle time.  

Each day I will try and document some of our daily happenings.  Since yesterday was our first day, I did snap a couple pictures.  Carter is a super happy and content baby, she loves her play mat and just watching the world go by.  She's very social (I have no clue who she gets that from...) and loves to talk and giggle.  Yup, she's giggling, it's precious. 

She takes two 2 hour naps while I'm home with her.  Her 3rd nap of the day is around 4, just about the time Tim comes home.  She is currently being swaddled for both naps and night time sleep.  She has crazy dinosaur arms and will knock herself in the face, thus waking herself up.  Carter is extremely squirmy, so usually once a day she'll make her way out of her swaddle.  I will be working on moving her out of her swaddle once she's rolling over successfully both ways.  

Morning chats with this beauty are the best.

Yesterday, Carter and I walked to pick up Crosby for the sitter in the afternoon.  Crosby was excited to see us and couldn't wait to tell us of her grand adventures.  One of her obsessions is balloons.  She LOVES them.  Well, one of the builders in our neighborhood has a giant balloon outside their model home.  While on a walk yesterday Miss Grace (Crosby's sitter), helped her pull the balloon down so she could get a closer look.  That might have been her best day ever.  She was in love with that balloon and did not want to put it down.  In fact, when we passed the balloon on our way home she was very emotional about us not stopping.  :)  An added bonus, we got locked out of our was so hot!  Thankfully, Tim came to the rescue. The girls were shaded and hydrated, so they were good.  

We picked up big sister Crosby!  Don't worry, Carter wasn't chocking, she was reclined.  :)

I love that sweet toddler so much!  She's so much fun to watch.  Right now she's very into independent play.  While I was working in the kitchen last night, she was tending to Dolly.  She put Dolly in the bouncy seat, feed her a bottle, tucked her in, and sang to her.  She's growing up so fast.

Until later....

Sunday, September 8, 2013

MN trip part 4

We rounded out our trip in MN with a wonderful memorial service for Tim's Nannie.  We are blessed with so many wonderful memories with her.  Each of Tim's siblings got up to share during the service.  There was not a dry eye in the place, so many fun memories were shared with all.  After the service everyone headed to lunch, the littles included.

Big Papa and little Carter

Big Papa and our family

Pickle moocher!  The girl loves pickles, just like her momma.

Not so sure what is going on here...

Enjoying each other's company

Pre-photo shoot on a brisk summer morning.