Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, July 12, 2009

mn trip #2 - leanne and ryan's shower

on saturday night we headed to leanne and ryan's twins themed tailgating bridal shower. karen and bonnie did a great job planning and hosting an awesome party. there was yummy snacks (queso for my hubby, popcorn for me), double ladder ball, twins on the radio, keg beer, and AWESOME food! we are so excited for lan and ran! less than a month away!

die-hard twins fans

katie and i

ummm....what's the name of this game?

tim and papa

leanne and ryan - life jackets

grandma monica and aimee

the spectators/guests

mn trip #2 - class reunion

unfortunately i wasn't able to make it to my 10 year class reunion. we were able to go up the night before to meet up some classmates. i think out of 30, i saw 11. so not too bad. my goal was to take a pic with each said classmate, but i got a bit distracted. thanks to tim, he did snap one of me and cheryl (due in oct). it was a lot of fun reconnecting with those who did make it out. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

mn trip #1 - mpls/henning

when we got back to minneapolis, we met tabi at a tasty little burger joint called burger jones. we enjoyed the BEST cheese curds we ever had, as well as, some burgers and yummy brew. we had a perfect night to sit outside on the patio. something you can rarely do in texas past may.

the app plates - YUMM

yummy cheese curds with roasted ketchup, delish

a happy customer

yes, that is a picture of a meat grinder in a hamburger resturant :(

tim and i on the patio

jalopenos are so spicy

my beautiful baby sister

onto henning, mn for a bridal shower. it was FREEZING cold, i didn't pack appropriately for that brisk northern mn weather. the day was packed full of adventure. first the wedding shower for tim's sister leanne. then onto the family farm, were we met a lot of ryan's fam as well as his dog toby, pronounced toe-bee (with a long O). we had a nice time chatting and watching the twins on tv. on our way home we were relying on delorse to get us home (GPS). well good ol' delorse thought that the best way would be a 30 mile detour. i have no idea how long it took us, but let's just say it was long. aimee has the pictures to prove it. after a long day, we finally made it to runyon's were we were meet with a plate of hot wings and a brew!

leanne - bride to be

aimee, sweet aimee showing her softer side

mn trip #1 - floodwood/cromwell

same trip, just another couple of towns. i realized as i was uploading the pictures from the wedding, that it was going to be a LARGE post if i put up all the pictures. so, using my noodle, i decided to break it down into smaller posts.

we had a great time hanging out with my side of the family. both mom and dad have cabins, so some time was spend at both. we had plenty of time to relax with family! the following pictures were taken in the floodwood area.

my great grandma helen and i

pink and white lady slippers - mn state flower

so sweet

gram elsie, me, and aunt elvi - dad's cabin

gram elsie, mike, and aunt elvi - dad's cabin

a fish fry - walleye :)

the chef and his helper

grandpa alvin's tree

the sauna - with changing room...the changing room you can see into

mn trip #1 - weekend in owatonna

tim and i ventured up to mn the 3rd weekend in june for my cousin ryan's wedding. while we were in southern mn, we decided to visit tabs at work in northfield. we walked around downtown and took in the yummy scents wafting from the malt-o-meal plant!

karly and ross - downtown northfield

tim and i - downtown northfield

me, tabs, and karly - tabi's office ULF

i was fascinated with this windmill - great example of alternative energy sources being used. (yup, i am science teacher)

ryan and mariah's wedding was in owatonna. friday pm was the groom's dinner at a park. we enjoyed a tastey tex-mex meal, as well as good company.

uncle tim and tabs - groom's dinner

tim and i (yes, there were name tags)

cousins - mike and ryan (the groom)

kaley, sarah, mike

me, grandma elsie, and tabs

tabi and karly

the next day was the wedding. while the girls went shopping and the guys went to the big outdoorsman store, grandma and i spent quality time together. we got all dresed up and had a night of eating and dancing ahead of us.

aunt elvi, briley, aunt betty, and jim

tim x2

mariah and ryan - a prayer

the kiss
at owatonna country club - the reception
tabi, dad, and i

tabi, mom, and i - where was ross?

close ups

my turn

tim and tabi - silly tabi

uncle mark and aunt tina

ross and karly


wade and breanna - a long day