Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 49

I went to get my flu shot today.  Carter came with me (she kinda had to), she didn't have a choice.  She is my favorite little companion. 

She didn't really want to be alone this afternoon.  She really didn't want to lay down on the floor by herself or bounce by herself.  Today was a hugging and cuddling kind of day.  I'm going to miss these days.  Cuddling with this little girl is JUST my FAVORITE! 

She is my last week home alone with Carter.  These past few months have been wonderful.  I've had loved watching her grow and change.  I'm so thankful that I only have 3 working weeks in December.  It will give me time to adjust to being away from my littlest.  

Day 47 and 48

Cannot believe how big she is! We have been enjoying the last week together.  I am treasuring each and every moment with this sweet girl. We didn't do much these two days, a trip to Target and a stop into see daddy, a visit at a friends.  

Day 46

Crosby was home with us again today! It was a perfect day for the park.  Our morning started with some bean time.  She loves playing with beans.  Monday is Music day at the public library.  So, the three of us headed to the park before must time.  It was a beautiful day! I'm one blessed momma!  By the way, Crosby is now referring to me as MOM.  Mom....why is she so big?

Bean time!

Isn't she getting so big?

Higher Mom, higher!

Just us three!

We moved out the rocker from Crosby's room today and moved her reading chair in.

A package came today.  Turkey window stickers!

Day 45 - End of Week 9

I had both of my sweet girls home together today.  We had big plans to visit daddy for lunch.  Crosby woke up asking for daddy and pizza. Love her.

Just "sleeping"

Lunch date at daddy's school.  Pizza!

She just helped herself to the computers.  She loved the big TBs (TVs). 

A trip to daddy's classroom wouldn't be complete without a mini dance party.

Shape sorting and tower building with my oldest.

Day 43 and 44

Wednesday and Thursday in a review: Carter and I had fun relaxing and hanging out.  Big sister Crosby will be hanging out with us on Friday and Monday!  

Carter is growing so super fast.  She is a rolling machine.  She prefers to roll to her right.  Doesn't matter if we tempt her with a toy to her left, it's only to the right. We are also trying to get her to sit up on her own.  She's a tipper.  Not much interest in sitting up on her own. 

Crosby is LOVING her big girl bed!  She is doing awesome. Each night at bed time, she reminds us that she will stay in her bed until Mommy and Carter come and get her.  Sometimes she uses her pillow (thanks @grammiefrannie) and sometimes not. Why is she getting so big so fast?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 Months - Sisters

Crosby Eleanor

Carter Joy

5 Months - Carter Joy

How on earth is little cutie 5 months old?  Ahhhh....time please slow down!

No doctors appointments this month (praise God!), so I don't have any stats.  Believe me she's growing like a weed.

Cater is eating solids two times a day.  For breakfast she enjoys oatmeal, peaches, pears, and apples. For dinner she enjoys the previous, as well as peas and sweet potatoes.  I think we will be introducing carrots and avocados soon.

She has so many likes: grabbing hair, eating, rolling, finger and thumb sucking, bath time, sleeping unswaddled, her pacifier, car rides, toys that make noise, going for walks, her big sister Crosby, FaceTiming with family, biting and chewing on EVERYTHING!

Dislikes: waking up early from a nap, gas, staying up to long

She is ONE very happy little girl!  We are blessed beyond words to have this sweetheart in our lives.  She brings a smile to our faces each and everyday.  

We love you so much Carter Joy!  

Happy 5 Months!

Day 42 11-12-13

Tuesday has been off to a great start.  Carter is getting faster at eating her morning fruit and cereal.  Sweet Crosby has been sleeping in her new big girl bed for 4 days.  She LOVES her new bed and her new big girl blanket. Each night she reminds me that she will stay in her bed until mommy and Carter come and get her in the am.  I love her and her sweetness!

Each morning Crosby pushes me out the door so that she can go to "school".  She is so cute about her time with Miss Gracie and Miss Becca. Crosby is more than excited to see them each and every morning. She doesn't even seem to mind that Carter doesn't stay with her, which makes it so much easier on me.

Target was on our list of things to do today.  Nothing big, just an outing to distract the mini. She loves going to Target as much as I do.  

Day 41

Today was the start of week 9.  Carter and I have had 9 Mondays together.  Each one is very similar: naps are weird.  Her face here says is all.  But oh my, I love cuddling with this little sweet heart.

We only have a couple weeks home together left.  I am already feeling sad when I think about it.  I've enjoyed my time at home so much, it's hard to comprehend that I have to go back to work.  Spending my days playing with my sweet little cutie have been awesome.  I have treasured each and every day.

Lots of prayers for papa as he is recovering from surgery! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 40 - End of Week 8

Today is the end of my 8th week at home.  Wow, 8 weeks have flown by.  I can honestly say that I really didn't expect them to go by this quickly.  I have LOVED being home with Carter so much.  Today we got to have lunch with Tim! Yea! We are really going to miss this.

Carter took short naps again today.  I just now tried gas drops, so we will see what happens.  I'm trying something new to "entertain" her, Baby First videos.  I first tried a musical "Jonah and the Whale" and she wasn't interested.  Now,  I'm trying a color video with music. It's a lot of fun music for babies.  She has spent time on her play mat, in her jump a roo, and we've played with her toys.  But, since she's not sleeping I need some more weapons in my arsenal.  

Some fun Crosby news, we're putting her in a big girl bed this weekend!  Tonight I am taking her to buy big girl sheets and a big girl blanket.  :)  I will keep you posted on her picks along with the news on how the big girl bed goes.  

Day 39

Burr....It was a very chilly morning here in Texas!  Okay, it was about 40 degrees, not quite freezing.  It was a perfect opportunity to break out our winter hats.  Miss Carter Joy is sporting a sock monkey hat and Miss Crosby Eleanor is wearing a kitty hat!  These two are so precious.

Carter and I had a fairly normal day.  We made our 3rd trip to Target today (okay, maybe our 4th) to check over the new Christmas items.  Crosby is semi-obsessed with the song "What Does the Fox Say?" and I have been on the hunt for a little fox ornament for our tree. I found it!  I'm going to surprise Crosby with it when we decorate our tree after Thanksgiving. :)

On the nap front, things are not going well.  This week her naps have also been off and interrupted.  I'm not sure what's going on. We are now going to try gas drops and see how that goes.  I'll keep you posted. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 38

She is getting SO big!

Sisters: Crosby was just chatting away with her baby sister.

Another cloudy day.  Carter and I had big plans again today!  Target was on our agenda again today.  We "forgot" some items yesterday on our adventure.  Carter is a fantastic shopping companion, she's smiley and so content.  

Day 37

It was a rainy Tuesday, so overcast and gloomy. Carter and I thought it would be fun to get out and explore the new Christmas items at Target.  We found some fantastic items.

They were just starting to set out these amazing items!

Yummy!  My favorite Christmas candy.

After our quick trip to Target, we thought it would be fun to see daddy at work.  Since Tim has been leaving early for work, he started practice this week, Carter doesn't get to see Tim much.  She loves spending time with her daddy.

Day 36

Happy Daylight Savings Y'all! BLAH.....Why do we still have this?  Why don't parents unite in a rebellion against this CRAZY tradition that is no longer needed? Carter and I stayed home on this rainy, cool Monday. A typical recover from the weekend sort of day is going it's usual way.  First nap wasn't fantastic, she woke up 50 minutes in and wasn't sold on continuing to sleep.  Silly girl!

Carter is loving her play mat friends today, as well as her jump a roo!  Yea!  She is independent and I'm loving watching her play by herself.  Carter has found her feet, which is so cute.  She is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth.  That's fun...I'm so glad she's not mobile yet.  I remember when Crosby became mobile, holy moly! That girl nearly ate a penny and an earring within the first week.

Nap number two went a little better.  We have cameras in both girls rooms so we can check in on them without going in.  Carter will wake up mid naps sometimes and just stare at the camera, it is CREEPY.  This nap she slept the majority of the two hours.  And when she did wake up she just played and talked for about 10 minutes by herself

Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 35 - End of Week 7

Big Sigh....This has been a week.  I love that I get to stay at home with Carter.  Each week I learn more and more about her.  For example, my sweet littlest has not been napping much longer than an hour for her first nap.  Up until last week she would easily sleep for 2 hours, well things have changed.  Today was day 5 of a short morning nap. UGH!  

Possible Solution #1: we are going to try cereal tomorrow morning to see if she needs a fuller tummy. 

Possible Solution #2:  put her down earlier.

These are my only two thoughts.  I really don't remember short morning naps with Crosby.  When she was older her afternoon nap got shorter. When that happened, we switched her to two naps and that worked wonders for her.  Carter is no where near moving to two naps.  The little lady can barely stay up for 2 hours at a time.

I think cereal will help.  If not, we will try something different!  On a great note, she is now sleeping through the night consistently! Sleeping unswaddled has worked great!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Our Minnies

The whole group

The smallest Trick-or-Treaters

She was so polite :)

Catching a ride with a pirate

She had so much fun!

Day 34

This is going to be a fun first Halloween for Miss Carter Joy.  We wanted to make sure Carter was well rested (that didn't happen) and happy (which she was!)  Carter and I had a few things to do to help daddy out around the house.  While we were out at Lowes, we thought we'd stop and see Tim at work.

Day time costume - baseball player

Picking up a new project for daddy to work on.

Quick lunch date with daddy.

Afternoon bouncing with my love. 

Stay tuned for Halloween Pics from our Trick-or-Treat outing with our small group.