Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fantastic Trio

Three girls.  Sisters.  This makes me so happy.  One of our kind nurses made Big Sister bracelets for the girls.  These three are going to share secrets, laughter, dreams, hopes, prayers, and much more. Love!

Our 1st Family of 5 Photo

We had this photo taken before we left the hospital with Cameron on September 13.  We are so excited to be a family of 5!

3 Girl Momma

Even before September 11, I was a three girl mom.  When we found out Cameron was in fact a little girl, I was honestly a bit relieved.  I know girls.  I have two little girls, heck I'm a girl.  Girls are familiar.  Being a mom of three girls is awesome.  Sisters are the BEST!  As each year passes, sometimes as the day passes, it's fun to watch the girls personalities and interests show.  

Crosby: Age 4
-has a wonderful imagination: playing airport, Aldi, mommy, etc
-plays well with Carter
-loves all things girly and dress-up 
-has her own sense of style
-is a rule follower
-is a fantastic helper
-loves books and reading
-most nights asks for sister bedtime
-can draw our whole family
-likes playing with her work binder
-enjoys putting puzzles together
-can write everyone in our family's name
-does a great job setting the table and throwing away dirty diapers
-started playing on a 4 year old soccer team
-favorite color is RED

Carter: Age 2
-plays so well with her big sister 
-enjoys playing by herself
-talks non-stop
-enjoys a casual meal at the dinner table 
-is very affectionate, lots of kisses and cuddles
-has a wonderful sense of humor (upon meeting Cameron called her spicy)
-can sing just like the Veggie Tales
-loves her glasses and has been very responsible with them
-wears an eye-patch each day for an hour and for that hour, she's a pirate ;)
-is independent 
-loves to read and visit the library
-drinks out of a big girl cup (no sippy cup here)
-draws an awesome worm/snake
-has recently learned how to play memory, go fish
-loves sleepovers with her big sister
-is a night owl and NOT a rule follower
-has a very creative imagination 

Cameron: 3 weeks
-is an awesome eater
-doesn't enjoy being swaddled, but sleeps so well when swaddled
-is a little spicy
-spits up
-has a strong neck
-takes good naps in her pack n play with a fan next to her
-loves her wubanub paci
-usually has a burp or 2
-sleeps 3-4 hour stretches most nights
-witching hour is nightly from 4-7!
-likes hearing her sisters

I'm so excited to watch their relationships grow.  Both Crosby and Carter already want to include Cameron in on their fun. Sisters make wonderful live-in friends and family is everything.