Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 11 - SAHME

Day 11 of 28 - WOW! Eleven days have past. Here is what our Tuesday looked like:

6am - Rise and Shine: time to eat
6:03 - Scream so loud we have to leave the room so Tim can sleep
6:30 - Done with 1st breakfast, time to play independently
6:30 -6:50 - C plays on the floor while I clean up the kitchen and start a load of laundry
6:50 - Bored with playing by herself, move to being held
7:00 - Tim holds her while I switch laundry
7:15 - SO TIRED! Put C down for 1st AM nap
7:20 - 10:00 - While C sleeps I: eat breakfast, drink coffee, read and catch up on blogs, work on Christmas presents, fold laundry, watch DVR'ed shows, enter more grades, send a few work emails
10:00 - Wake up Crosby, change diaper, time for 2nd breakfast
10:20 - 2nd breakfast over, C helps me put away laundry
10:30 -10:40 - C plays on the floor in her room, we read a book
10:40-11:10 - Go for a walk
11:10 -11:25 - Try to get C to play, does not want to be put down. We walk around the house looking at different things, get the mail and sing songs.
11:25 - Crazy case of the hiccups....nap time
11:25 - 1:20 - C is taking her 2nd AM nap. Now it's time to shower, blog, answer emails, put more laundry away, straighten up, watch a few more DVR'ed shows, pay a bill.
12:30 -C woke up, talked to herself for a while and then went back to sleep
1:20 -C wakes up! All smiles, which means she is truly ready to get up.
1:20 - 1:50 - Swing while I eat lunch, put dishes away.
1:55 - Lunch Time
2:20 - 2:50 - Play on the play mat, Facetime with Grandma Lonna. Tried calling Papa Chris, Grandpa Tim and Uncle Ross...they didn't answer.
2:55 - TIRED!
3:05 - 4:00 - Afternoon Nap
4:00 - Caught talking to herself with an arm out of swaddle. She's so clever.
4:10 - Tim gets home from work! :) Daddy/Daughter Time

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Katie and Bret said...

Let's add Skype with cousin mollie to your schedule sometime this week :)