Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, April 24, 2008

dangerous downpour

rain, rain, go away come again another day!

i am very thankful that it hasn't been raining during the day. but we have had some strong storms sweep through the area. it seems like every week this month, there is at least on tornado warning. to top it off, the severe weather is coming through in the evening hours. the time of night were lights are helpful. i normally do love storms, but were we live is so flat. i would rather pass on the whole severe weather thing.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

i've been tagged......oh no!

my two friends, amanda and melissa, recently tagged me on their blogs.

here are 7 things you may not know about me

1. even though i am a girly-girl (dresses, pink, make-up and all) i can hold my own in most sports. i played volleyball, basketball, and softball in high school. in college i played powderpuff football. after college, i stick to softball. i am super competitive, so watch out!

2. i am in love with anything tropic/hawaiian. if i had my choice, i'd live on maui. give me palm trees, coconuts, sand, or pineapple any day. i love it.

3. if i was born a boy, my name would have been justin. ;)

4. if i wasn't a teacher, i would love to be a florist. i have always loved flowers. i love they way peoples faces light up when they chose them for people they love. i love the smiles they bring to people even if it's during difficult times. i love the way they smell. i love how each flower has unique characteristics that make they beautiful in their own way. only bad thing is, i do not have a green thumb.... so you'll probably never see a flower in my house.

5. in high school i wanted to be martha stewart. i still have secret ambitions to be like her. minus the whole prison thing.

6. ever since i can remember i wanted to be a regular on saturday night live.

7. i occasionally talk in accents, which drives tim crazy. i can't help it. i is a habit that i picked up somewhere. but, now can't seem to stop.

well, there you have it! i'm supposed to tag other people. So, Carrie, Amanda, Melissa, Jessica, Nina, consider yourself tagged!

you know it's spring when...

it's officially spring in tx: we have warm days, the bluebonnets are popping up everywhere, trees are getting their leaves, kids are playing baseball/soccer. i love spring.

spring means a little more to me now that we are home owners and have a yard to take care of. (yes, i am aware that we have been home owners for 1.5 years) tim and i had big saturday plans which included, a trip to lowes, target, and home to take care of our lawn. my sole job was to pull weeds. sounds like a small task, well no so much. we have to "shrub" areas both of which hadn't been weeded since the fall. while i was weeding, tim had a bigger job of mowing, edging, and weed whipping. after that new mulch went down. we estimated 8 bags should do the trick...good estimate it was exactly right. sorry there are no before
pictures, but believe me there is a big difference.