Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 33

Today was so much like Monday it wasn't funny. Carter wanted nothing to do with being alone.  She took an hour nap to start the day, boo.  However, her second nap was mega long...3 hours long. Carter was one tired little girl today. She didn't want much for jumping, rolling or playing.  That's okay, I just love snuggling with her so much.

Day 32

Today is Tuesday! On the agenda for today was just to try and recover from the weekend.  She was so cuddly and attached on Monday, we were hoping for a change today.  Carter napped better today.  All naps were more like "normal".  

We had fun evening plans at my school at their annual Fall Festival.  We got the girls dressed up in their Minnie costumes and walked around for a while. We are going trick-or-treating on Thursday with some friends in. Crosby and Carter will get lots of use out of their cute Minnie Mouse dresses!

Day 31

Monday was a big recover from the weekend day.  Carter was extra cuddly and not sleeping much at all.  She just wanted her momma.  Carter had so much fun with her Grammie and Papa this weekend, she was just worn out. I love cuddling with this little sweetie.

Oh, and she found her thumb.  She's a thumb/finger sucker!

Grammie and Papa - Fall 2013

A little reading with Grammie

Talking with Papa

Playing with Grammie

Making Papa smile

Carnival Fun with Grammie and Papa



Thanks for the help Papa!

Crosby showing us how it's done.

What a fun night

Sunday Funday

Crosby and Papa

Two out of three smiling isn't that bad

Just the girls
We LOVED having Grammie and Papa in town for the weekend.  Thank you for spending the weekend with us and loving on our little girls.  Lots of KISSES!

Day 30 - End of Week 6

Grammie and Papa are here!

We LOVE having family in town! Love it!  

The girls loved having their grammie and papa in town.  They loved having new people to play with, laugh with, sing with, dance with, read with, snuggle with.  

We headed to Dallas first thing in the morning to have brunch at Breadwinners and grab cupcakes.  Yummy in the tummy as Crosby would say.  

After our quick trip we headed home for naps and to recharge our batteries for an afternoon of fun.  The afternoon was filled with dress up and pretending.  We were going to head to the park, but the afternoon got away from us.

Stay tuned for a fun picture filled recap of our weekend!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 29

Today was a normal day for us. I guess it was so normal I forgot to take any pictures.  We are so excited to see Grammie and Papa tomorrow!

Another package arrived today!  Thank you Nama Lonna and Bob for the sweet Hello Kitty stickers.  We are so excited to see you at Christmas time.

Day 28

This is day 3 of letting Carter CIO at naps.  It's getting better!  Thank you for your prayers through this transition.

Carter and I had a busy day out and about.  We cleaned up some unused items that we dropped off at Pennies from Heaven.  While we were out an about we had to drop off a package for Auntie Tabi :)

We also received a package today from Tim's Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim.  They sent the girls matching Minnie Mouse dresses.  Perfect!  These outfits will get lots of use over the next week with Halloween right around the corner.
Helping her sister open her present.

She loved the pumpkin on the front of the card.

Who is it from?

What is it?

Minnie Mouse!

Cheese Mommy!

Thank You Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 26

Here is our Monday:

3:00am - Became unswaddled and awake

6:05am - Talking in her crib, a nice wake up call

6:05 - 8am - Breakfast, playtime, sister time

8-10am - 1st nap (came unswaddled, 2x - which means Carter woke up)

10-12pm - 2nd breakfast/1st lunch, quick trip to Walmart, playtime, helped mom with laundry

12 -2pm - 2nd "nap" - Carter woke up a couple times, wiggling her way out of a swaddle and talked to herself for 20 minutes

2-4pm - 2nd lunch, playing, more laundry, FaceTime and pick up Crosby

On the agenda this week: work on unswaddled naps, home improvements, go visit daddy, practice tummy time, grocery shop, trip to the post office, get ready to see Grammie and Papa on Friday!

Here is a few shots of the sisters from the weekend :)
My two sweet girls

Add caption

Day 27

Today was a big day: no swaddles at naps and implementing CIO.

If you're asking how I'm doing, it's hard.  It is not something I wanted to do by myself.  I wanted someone to be here with me to listen to her cry.  Misery loves company.  Carter was very ready to start.  After breaking out of her swaddle time after time, we figured it's time to unswaddle and see what happens. Today her first nap, normally 8-10 was nonexistent.  I think she slept for 30 minutes. Not fun.  

The second nap, 12-2 was SO MUCH BETTER.  Since she really didn't nap at all during the first nap, she was pooped.  She played for a little bit, it was cute to hear her talking and playing.  Carter later made it to her tummy and settled right in.  I woke her up at 2:30 and it took some doing.  She was so tired.  

The experts say that babies need to sleep on their back and that's exactly how she starts out, on her back.  Very shortly after laying her down she flips over onto her tummy. She was precious laying on her tummy, just drooling away.
Please pray for us throughout this week.  If everything goes well, she should be a great napper by next week. :) At least, when she wakes up, she'll be able to put herself back to sleep.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

On Saturday we headed out the local pumpkin patch!  It was a beautiful day and I'm so glad all 4 of us got to go.  Crosby was not loving sitting still. Carter was a very will participant.  Oh sisters....

Cheese - I'm not sure why she's decided to smile this way. 

Pumpkins, she loves them!

Daddy, can we have this one?

Yup, this happened...

She's such a sweetheart.

Crosby's face....

Oh my pumpkins, I love them!

Cannot get enough of them.

Seriously, Crosby is growing up so fast.

Family shot, dang Carter... ;)

One of my favorite pictures of the day.  Love them!