Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Friday, September 9, 2011

3 months!

3 months already?!? I know, I know, I keep saying that. But, seriously were does the time go? We have had quite the eventful 3rd month of life! Since we didn't go to the doctor this month, I don't have any official stats, I do know that she is measuring a whopping 26 inches! That is one long little girl. She is getting heavy too! My guess would be 14 - 15 lbs. We are really enjoying time with Crosby.

1. Having family in town to cuddle, drool, giggle, smile, sing, etc with!

2. Riding on a plane (Crosby's first trip to MN)

3. The MN Twins (this will be a life long like)

4. Having mommy stay at home with me (for 6 weeks)

5. Snuggling in the baby carrier with dad - came in really helpful at the GREAT MN GET TOGETHER!

6. Bus rides to fun places in cool weather

7. Soft and warm fall clothing

8. Bath time

9. Car rides (I usually fall asleep)

10. Tummy time...1/2 of the time

11. Blowing bubbles

12. Drooling (a lot)

13. Giggling, shrieking, just being noisy

14. Rolling over from tummy to back/side

15. Morning walks
16. Getting out of my swaddle

17. Chewing on anything and everything

18. Skyping with family - however, I get very shy and quite when mom pulls out the ipad

19. Taking morning naps, afternoon naps are a totally different story

20. Letting my mommy and daddy get a full nights sleep. I just cry out a few times a night so I can see daddy.

We are extremely blessed to have such a happy and healthy little girl. Every where we go people say how calm and happy she is. We count our blessings each day. She could be saving all the crazy for her teenage years. Who knows. We love Crosby so much! Happy 3rd month of life little girl.

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