Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 26

Here is our Monday:

3:00am - Became unswaddled and awake

6:05am - Talking in her crib, a nice wake up call

6:05 - 8am - Breakfast, playtime, sister time

8-10am - 1st nap (came unswaddled, 2x - which means Carter woke up)

10-12pm - 2nd breakfast/1st lunch, quick trip to Walmart, playtime, helped mom with laundry

12 -2pm - 2nd "nap" - Carter woke up a couple times, wiggling her way out of a swaddle and talked to herself for 20 minutes

2-4pm - 2nd lunch, playing, more laundry, FaceTime and pick up Crosby

On the agenda this week: work on unswaddled naps, home improvements, go visit daddy, practice tummy time, grocery shop, trip to the post office, get ready to see Grammie and Papa on Friday!

Here is a few shots of the sisters from the weekend :)
My two sweet girls

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