Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 13

Today was our second visit to the dentist for Crosby's tooth.  It was just a "friendly" visit.  Here is the update on Miss Crosby: the broken tooth looks good.  It is still a bit wiggly, but not to the point of worry.  The band-aid filling they put on is still holding strong, which she was very surprised about.  The next tooth over is starting to turn color, none of us noticed over the last 10 days. We are just continuing to watch both teeth and have a follow up "friendly" appointment in November.

While we were at the dentist, our littlest was sleeping at the sitters.  We had a make a pit stop off at work for a short meeting.  It was a great meeting with great news.  Thank God for all His blessings. 

We had some sweet mid week family time.  Crosby stayed home with me after her appointment.  We had a lot of fun hanging out together in the middle of the week.  

The adventures continued after nap time.  We've had several wasps make their way into the house over the past few months.  So the pest control services came out to help us with our bug problem.  The sprayed the attic and the exterior of the house (trees included).  They did discover where the wasps were coming in.  

The wasp nest. Bye-Bye!
On the exterior of our house, their is a vent near the fireplace.  This vent had small holes, big enough for our wasp friends to enter.  There was a small wasp nest inside, allowing the wasps to enter our house via fireplace.  Problem fixed, at least we think so.

This is where the vent was located.  We had to remove the vent and it will be replaced ASAP!

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