Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 20 - End of Week 4

Rolling, rolling, rolling....

She did not want to be on her back!

This was a rough nap.  Clearly, she is getting crafty with getting out of her swaddle.
Thank you Aunt Alice for the sweet, tiny kid backpack.  Crosby is OBSESSED!

Carter wants these SO BAD for Christmas.
Or these....
 It's Friday, Friday! As you can see today was eventful for us.  Carter is a rolling machine from her back to her belly.  She doesn't much care to roll back over.  After a nap, we headed out to Target to do a little window shopping and pick up a birthday gift for a very sweet 4 year old.  While we were out, we picked up lunch for Tim.  We love getting to see him mid-day!

Naps were not great today.  The green swaddle we've been using was Crosby's.  So, it is a bit stretched out and the velcro isn't as sticky.  Carter is such a wiggle worm, if she's not super tired she "plays" and gets out of her swaddle.  Silly Girl!  Once those dino arms get under control, no more swaddle.  She isn't a thumb sucker like her bigger sister, so she keeps knocking the paci out. 

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