Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 12

Big day today!  Carter had her 4 month checkup with Dr. Towns.  She did wonderful!  This was my first solo doctor appointment with either girl.  We usually go together or Tim takes them by himself.  I do appreciate those of you who were praying for our doctor visit.  

We left our house at 1:30, which means that I had to wake her up early from her nap (this could have gone badly).  She did fantastic in the car the whole way to the doctors office.  Our appointment was at 2, which is feeding time (possibility #2 of things going badly).  Once again she was all smiles and giggles for the entire appointment.  Carter showed off her teeth and her ability to roll.  Dr. Towns mentioned again that she will most likely want to do things faster to keep up with her older sister.  

The final part of our visit were the dreaded shots.  Carter got 3 shots and she was a champ.  There was about a 10 second crying with no sound as her face got beet red, along with a few huge tears.  But, she bounces back quick. A quick feeding and we were out the door.

No sooner than we tuned out of the parking lot Carter was fast asleep in her car seat. We picked up big sister on the way home.  Big, eventful day.

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chris and fran white said...

Rock star Miss Carter. Grammie and Papa love you so much.