Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ovilla Heritage Days Here We Come!

On Saturday we helped the City of Ovilla celebrate their heritage!  It was a fun afternoon of greasy food, slides, animals, bounce houses, and tattoos! We had fun and here are some pictures to capture our adventures. (our daytime adventures led to some evening adventures for Miss Crosby...she had an upset tummy :( )
Fire Trucks!  A must stop photo spot.  Notice her "cell phone"?
This is what Carter did the whole time, suck on those fingers and relax in the stroller.
First stop, TATTOOS! - It's a Bikers Against Child Abuse tat.
Just looking at the petting zoo.

We meet a horse/dog. It was Crosby's idea to walk over and say hello.  Brave Girl!
With some encouragement she went in for a nice pet.
We made two visits at the bounce house. It was FREE and so much fun for our fearless girl.
Our sweet friends Peyton and Presley joined in on the bounce house fun.
Some favorites: park, funnel cake, water towers!

She loved swinging!

And sliding!

And what ever this this was kinda like a see-saw.
 We had a very fun time as a family!  We missed the parade for the second year in a row now.  Maybe we'll make it next year. :)

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