Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Carter's 3 Months

Well, the 3 month mark has come and gone!  These days and weeks seem to just fly by so fast.  We are loving every moment of watching Carter grow.  She is such a great baby.  No doctors appointments this month (thankfully), so we don't have any stats to report.  She is one long, tall girl that's for sure.  She is now wearing size 3 clothes exclusively.  She is so long, I will need to find some onesie extenders! 

Likes: her play mat, her big sister, standing up on laps, car rides, church (she loves the lights and music), FaceTiming with our families, being swaddled, sleeping (through the night), eating, baths

Dislikes: haven't found to many of these yet...coming unswaddled in the middle of the night!

She is a very happy, content little girl!  I'm so lucky that I get to spend 10 weeks at home with her!  We already have some big milestones to report in month 4 report.  

We love you Carter Bug! 

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Katie and Bret said...

That sweet smiling face is adorable!!!!