Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 4

Thursday started off in a hurry.  No alarms went off.  No big deal, right?  Our first born was our alarm today, waking the house up at 7am.  Tim had an early morning meeting, so we hit the ground running.

We have followed BabyWise with both girls.  We love it.  We believe in it.  Honestly, having babies on a sleep, eat, wake schedule is fantastic.  Both of our girls seem to do so much better on a predicable schedule.  This was proven again this am.

One full hour off of her "normal" eating time, Carter is just not herself today.  Since she woke up at 7, that would have pushed going back down to sleep until 9.  To say she was more than ready for sleep at 8:10 is no exaggeration.  She was ready.  She even slept with her arms out of her swaddle until 9:50.  We brought Tim lunch today and this girl was TIRED! I couldn't get her in her crib fast enough.  The sneaky 45 minute intruder strikes.  Quickly put the paci back in and off to dream land.  She is so tired.  I'm going to try letting her sleep until 2:30, this might help with her sleepiness!  Is she growing?

What did we get done today?  Let's see: put citizenship grades in, cleaned the kitchen (3x), put away laundry, brought Tim lunch, made crockpot lasagna soup, made and froze chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, blogged, killed a WASP,  snuggled my sweet little firecracker (who did not want to be by herself), walked to get big sister.

It's hard to believe it's only Thursday.

She's clever.

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lmtollgaard said...

Love that you find time to do this.