Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 2: SAHME2

Tuesday was a successful day 2.  Carter is a very predictable napper, so it makes planning a day fairly easy.  We honestly have nothing on our daily agenda, like I said yesterday.  It's really nice to stay at home and just enjoy our time together.  I do try and get a few chores done during nap time, but other than that it a really chill day. 

We love getting to FaceTime with Nama at work, shhhhh.....don't tell her boss. Carter did get to sneak in a quick hello to a few Greats too!  She loved seeing Auntie Tabi, Great Gma Elsie, Great Gma Marvel, and Grumple Donnie.  We'd love to FaceTime!

She was extra tired today, possible growth spurt?  I looked back at Crosby's baby book and I noticed the same sleeping patterns at week 16.  Lots of sleep. 

Carter and I did venture out in the afternoon to get some much needed lunch supplies and groceries.  I introduced my little sweetie to Walmart.  If you don't have the pleasure of visiting your local Walmart during the day, Walmart is FULL of little old ladies.  Our planned 20 minute trip took double the time due to all the "let me get a look at that little princess."  She is such a good shopper! 

No room for groceries!  I have to figure out a better system.

After our trip to Walmart we picked up this little cutie.  She is getting to be so independent.  Each morning she helps get herself dressed, picks out breakfast, puts her shoes on and reminds mommy what we are doing "after school".  She loves playing with her little friends each day.  I love getting her fresh from her nap, full of energy and spunk.  Recently Crosby has been very into headbands, bows, flowers, etc.  She really likes having her hair put up in piggies.  Well on Saturday I wore a headband, can you guess who wants to wear a headband now?  She's so precious!

"Mommy, headband please and bow please."  How can I resist her sweet and polite request?

To any of my readers out there:  I am looking for a few good reads while I'm staying at home.  Any suggestions?

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Katie and Bret said...

Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson.