Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 1: Stay at Home Mom Experience 2

Yesterday started my 10 week stay at home mom experience.  Yes, I know what you are thinking.  She doesn't have a new born, Carter is nearly 4 months old.  And you're right.  She is almost 4 months old. 

Tim and worked it out so that I could take time off to spend quality one on one time with Carter Joy, just like we did with Miss Crosby.  This time around a few things are different: I'm the only one staying home, Crosby will be going to daycare most days, I will not be returning to school until December.  I am really looking forward to spending a lot of one on one time with this little cutie.  We don't have a whole lot on the agenda, just some daily FaceTime with our MN family and cuddle time.  

Each day I will try and document some of our daily happenings.  Since yesterday was our first day, I did snap a couple pictures.  Carter is a super happy and content baby, she loves her play mat and just watching the world go by.  She's very social (I have no clue who she gets that from...) and loves to talk and giggle.  Yup, she's giggling, it's precious. 

She takes two 2 hour naps while I'm home with her.  Her 3rd nap of the day is around 4, just about the time Tim comes home.  She is currently being swaddled for both naps and night time sleep.  She has crazy dinosaur arms and will knock herself in the face, thus waking herself up.  Carter is extremely squirmy, so usually once a day she'll make her way out of her swaddle.  I will be working on moving her out of her swaddle once she's rolling over successfully both ways.  

Morning chats with this beauty are the best.

Yesterday, Carter and I walked to pick up Crosby for the sitter in the afternoon.  Crosby was excited to see us and couldn't wait to tell us of her grand adventures.  One of her obsessions is balloons.  She LOVES them.  Well, one of the builders in our neighborhood has a giant balloon outside their model home.  While on a walk yesterday Miss Grace (Crosby's sitter), helped her pull the balloon down so she could get a closer look.  That might have been her best day ever.  She was in love with that balloon and did not want to put it down.  In fact, when we passed the balloon on our way home she was very emotional about us not stopping.  :)  An added bonus, we got locked out of our was so hot!  Thankfully, Tim came to the rescue. The girls were shaded and hydrated, so they were good.  

We picked up big sister Crosby!  Don't worry, Carter wasn't chocking, she was reclined.  :)

I love that sweet toddler so much!  She's so much fun to watch.  Right now she's very into independent play.  While I was working in the kitchen last night, she was tending to Dolly.  She put Dolly in the bouncy seat, feed her a bottle, tucked her in, and sang to her.  She's growing up so fast.

Until later....

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