Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 36

Happy Daylight Savings Y'all! BLAH.....Why do we still have this?  Why don't parents unite in a rebellion against this CRAZY tradition that is no longer needed? Carter and I stayed home on this rainy, cool Monday. A typical recover from the weekend sort of day is going it's usual way.  First nap wasn't fantastic, she woke up 50 minutes in and wasn't sold on continuing to sleep.  Silly girl!

Carter is loving her play mat friends today, as well as her jump a roo!  Yea!  She is independent and I'm loving watching her play by herself.  Carter has found her feet, which is so cute.  She is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth.  That's fun...I'm so glad she's not mobile yet.  I remember when Crosby became mobile, holy moly! That girl nearly ate a penny and an earring within the first week.

Nap number two went a little better.  We have cameras in both girls rooms so we can check in on them without going in.  Carter will wake up mid naps sometimes and just stare at the camera, it is CREEPY.  This nap she slept the majority of the two hours.  And when she did wake up she just played and talked for about 10 minutes by herself

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