Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Trip to Minnesota

On Tuesday, October 11th Tim and I got a call that we never wanted to receive. Tim's sister Leanne has breast cancer. Leanne is 20 weeks pregnant with her first child, a boy! Tim and I knew that we needed to be there. Thankfully we found a flight that allowed us to be in MN for 3 days for some much needed quality time.

Please join us in praying for Leanne, Ryan and their little boy. Follow Leanne's journey @

During out quick trip...

Mollie and Crosby met for the first time in person...Crosby couldn't take her eye's off of her older, more mature cousin. Auntie Kath also met Crosby for the first time.
Mollie blessed her sweet little cousin.
Some quality hand holding/play time took place.
A little bouncing....

Bonding time with Uncle Tim and Mollie.
Cousin bath time.
Dads and Daughters
Getting ready for our family photo, gray, and white!

Cute cousin hats!
Mommy and CrosbyFamily Picture
I took one of C and each set of family members, but can't find them. As soon as I do, I will post them.

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Katie and Bret said...

I love it! So glad we got to be together. I like that Mollie blessed Crosby and that Bret has his sleepy eyes :)