Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 22 - SAHME

Up All Night - not just a new fall NBC show.

Miss Crosby has a stuffy nose. You can hear it when you walk into her room. A stuffy nose makes it difficult to sleep. I called the doctor yesterday and they will not see her unless she has 2 of the following 3 symptoms: a fever (nope), eating less (nope), sleeping less (yup). No doctor for us, but they did recommend a few things that I went out last night to get.

1. A cool mist humidifier (already had one, but needed a new filter)
2. Saline drops for her little nose

Since I went out after bed time last night, I couldn't start them until this AM. So, even though she only woke up a hand full of times, I had a really hard time falling back to sleep. Crosby wasn't 'Up All Night', it was just her momma. She did wake up a lot compared to her 1 or 2x a night.

Naps today were non-existent. I take that back, she did nap for two hours this am, then an hour for her second nap. It's just not enough. She is so tired, but for whatever reason can't sleep for long periods of time . Her 3:30 nap rolled around and that was a no go in her crib, so she is napping for however long she can in her swing. Right now she's just looking at me and not napping, but at least she's in the napping-zone (eyes heavy, sucking her paci). I am just praying those little eyes shut soon, she is just SO TIRED!

UPDATE: Those tired eyes did not shut. :( Poor little girl only slept a total of 4 hours all day.

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