Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Grandma Lonna Came to Town

I went back to work this past week. Thankfully, Grandma Lonna was able to come and take care of Crosby for a whole week. In addition to taking care of C, she also made dinner each night, cleaned, and did our laundry. Fantastic!
We were so blessed to have her come and take care of us for a whole week.

Here are a few things we did...

Went to watch Tim at the Columbia Muddy Buddy Race in Cedar Hill. Posts from this event will follow. Here are the two of them just talking and laughing. It was a beautiful day.

Taking a break for cuddling.

Yes, I insisted on playing dress up. Crosby is still a really good sport about it.

She was very interested in eating her shoes. She is rocking her new corduroys.

Trying out her winter hat. When is it going to be cold enough to wear?

Grandma Lonna got to sit in a quite a few bath nights.

Just relaxing post bath.

Playing with her new block from Grandma! She LOVES them!

Thank you mom for coming into town for a whole week. Thank you Bob for letting us have her! We had so much fun catching up, laughing, going for walks, seeing Footloose, watching Tim at the Muddy Buddy. Thank you for a wonderful week! I love you!

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