Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 21 - SAHME

Swaddle or not to swaddle? That is our question.

Miss Crosby has been an awesome sleeper up until this point. She has been sleeping through the night for a very long time and we are SUPER THANKFUL for this! As of lately she has begun to over power her wedge (it's the white thing in the corner). She will end up on her tummy or even on her back sometimes. When she rolls to her back, her little eyes pop open! Sleep time is over in her book. She has always been a side sleeper, in a wedge, swaddled. Well, these days may have to come to an end soon.

Here are some problems that we are facing:
Problem#1: She is a big girl and will smoosh the wedge - ending up on her back.
Problem#2: The swaddle we like, this is the largest size they make. She is almost to long for it.
Problem#3: She is a thumb sucker, yet hasn't figured out how to sooth herself with this method since we ALWAYS swaddle her. (EX: We are in the car, she drops her paci = SCREAMING! I calmly tell her that you have two thumbs, use them. She does not understand this concept yet.)
Problem#4: I LOVE the swaddle, she sleeps so well. I don't want to get rid of either the wedge or swaddle.

In the picture below, I unwrapped her arms and turned her sideways. I thought, lets see what she does with her arms out. OH MY WORD! She was loving this, but not loving it so much she wanted to go back to bed. Each time the paci was in, she quickly knocked it out with her hands trying to get them in her mouth. Problem is, she wants both (paci and fingers) in her mouth at the same time. Yes, it looks like she's watching a crib TV. It is a toy that plays music and lights up, not sure how long this will stay in the crib. It might be a distraction. Once she gets those arms out, very shortly after her legs come out. I can fix this problem, we can put her in a sleep sac.

ANY SUGGESTIONS? If you swaddled, how did you transition to no swaddle?

Sitting up in her BUMBO talking to mommy and her friends.

Sitting so well. Doesn't it look like she's ready for a conversation?

At this point, she was getting sick of me taking pictures. I love those cheeks!

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Katie and Bret said...

Since Mollie was/is a tummy sleeper, we didn't really have to deal with this issue. But there are many sleep issues ahead ... Rolling on to her back and not being able get on her side ... Rolling on to her tummy and not being able to get on her side ... The list goes on and on. I would say wait for a weekend (so you and tim are there to helpmeach other) and drop the swaddle cold turkey and let her figure out how to sleep in a new way for all naps and bedtime. It might be rough, but after a few days she will be able to sleep in any position.