Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Monday, October 10, 2011

4 Months

Miss Crosby is 4 months old today! She is growing and changing daily. This is such a fun age! We feel like each day she's making new discoveries and learning new tricks.

Her 4 month check up isn't until next Monday, so I have no stats yet. Trust me, she is growing like a weed! After her appointment, I will let you all know what we find out.

She is wearing size 3-6 months clothes. I know! And she's still in size 1 diapers during the day, but size 2 at night.

She is becoming more and more aware of her surroundings. Her eyes are constantly looking around and taking in everything.

In the past month Crosby has:

-rolled over from front to back

-rolled over from back to front

-started eating every 4 hours (was every 3)

-attended her first LSRO volleyball game

-reach and grabs toys

-went to her first baby shower

-becoming more and more vocal

-blows bubbles

-laughs and giggles

-gives big open mouth kisses

-discovered eyebrows

-puts everything in her mouth

-plays in her excersaucer (thanks Alishia and Olivia)

-sleeps well from 10pm - 6am (most nights)

-is a GREAT napper

-lots of smiles

-does well in the car, does great in the car if daddy is there too!


-having her diaper changed
-talking to her friends
-going to Chipotle and Sprinkles
-looking in the mirror
-rolling over (back to front)
-Skyping and Facetiming with family
-having visitors in town
-bath time
-being swaddled for naps and bedtime
-playing in the excersaucer
-going for walks
-listening/singing to music
-play dates with friends
-watching baseball with daddy (Go Rangers!)


-having a stuffy nose
-waking up early from naps and not being able to fall back asleep
-having snot suctioned out of her nose
-short car rides with mommy
-laying down when she'd rather be standing
-waiting to eat

Her likes far out weigh her dislikes. She is an amazing little girl. Tim and I are blessed that she is so easy going and just goes with the flow. We love you so much Crosby!

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