Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, March 15, 2012

1st Trip to the Dallas Zoo

Tim and I are on Spring Break this week and the weather was perfect for Crosby's first trip to
the Dallas Zoo. We met some friends for a day of fun!

We had to get the lay of the land. It was really nice to go with a family that had been there before, they knew where to go!

Daddy and Crosby looking at the Koi! This area was awesome, defiantly a great place for C in the future. Lots of fun thinks to look at and touch.

Crosby's first pony ride. Think she liked it?

Our happy little girl post lunch. Thanks Olivia for letting us borrow your hat!

My favorite wild animal!

J and C, neither one of them seemed to care that I was trying to capture a moment.

Not sure what was happening here, perhaps a traffic jam.

The girls on the tortoise.

Mommy, C and the National Bird. So majestic.

Off to the African Savanna! This was a must see.

This elephant was so much fun to watch.

Okay, I must admit, I took these to show my students an elephants trunk and the importance of adaptations.

The girls again. Can you see C? She is getting comfy.

Jeff up close and personal. (That's what we call C's wubanub/paci)

C took a brief (20 minute) siesta. She was super! A great first trip to the zoo!

The end of our time at the zoo.

Family Zoo Picture 2012

Thank you Burns family for joining us on this fun Spring Break adventure. We has a fantastic time and can't wait for many more great memories.


Katie and Bret said...

I think Timm got sunburned :( What a fun day! Glad C was such a trooper!!

Leanne said...

Can't wait till Grammies and papa take the cousins to the zoo. . . The parents can do happy hour