Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

twins fan already

much to our surprise our little girl got her very first package in the mail today. both tim and i thought it would be okay to open it, we are the parents and we need to make sure that all items are baby safe. ;)
cousin mollie must have been shopping with her mommy and she picked out the cutest pair of onesies! now all i need to do is find the perfect bow and this little girl is all set!
thank you cousin mollie and auntie katie!

*disclaimer* - her name is NOT monica carol......we have some very clever family memebers.

this AMAZING track suit is from auntie tabi. auntie tabi is a great planner. this will be perfect for our future visits to target field in minneapolis to catch our favorite team in action. i can't wait to put this on her! both the pants and jacket have pockets! pockets! i love it, i am not sure what she'll be carrying around in those pockets.
thank you auntie tabi!


Katie and Bret said...

I am picturing a red headband with a white bow!!! or a navy headband with a red bow!! Soooooooo many choices :)

chris & fran white said...

Grammie saw the cutest pink Twins sure would look cute on Monica Carol and I think Mollie would also look cute in it.

lmtollgaard said...

When did you change Carol's name? I didn't know I had the M's to work with!! Perhaps another little Marvel?
Twins outfits are so cute!
Love you