Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter Weekend Part 2: Shower Time

the weekend continued with different activities for the guys and the girls. saturday afternoon the guys headed to the ballpark in arlington to watch the tejas rangers take on the royals of kansas. to all of our surprise not a single picture was taken to document man time. this is what we know: they grilled out pregame, watched the game, avoided getting rained on, and came home. oh, and the rangers won!

the ladies had a very different evening. we made our way to dallas for dinner. before we ate, we had to stop and pick up cupcake at sprinkles! (yes, we even picked some up for the guys) then we headed to hillstone (formally houstons) for a delicious dinner. after our great meal, we were on our way home for a baby shower. since i was unable to make it to mn for a shower, fran and the sisters brought the shower to me! i can't even express how truly blessed we are. this little girl is already so loved. we have some really amazing family and friends who blessed us. it was a great evening!

outside of sprinkles

i love these women!

sprinkles cupcakes
our babies christmas stocking from nannie

month by month onesies from aunt karen

hangers from grandma p and a super cute turtle that triples as a pillow/blanket/toy

a very sweet book the sisters made for me. a collection of sweet notes and words of encouragements from family and friends.

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