Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter Weekend Part 1: Bunny Boogie

we were so lucky to have family in town for easter weekend. everyone arrived safely on friday. tim and i took them to fuzzy taco's for lunch, yummy! then after little mollie was fed and swaddled the ladies headed to cedar hill for a little shopping. tim and i made a steak dinner for the entire family on friday night. i guess i forgot to take pictures.

saturday was the bunny boogie in arlington. tim had t-shirts made for the whole family. tim, ryan, leanne, bret, aimee, and fran boogied along the 5k. katie, mollie, chris and i slept in and relaxed at home. we meet up with the bunnies at cracker barrel (a white family favorite). the runners are rocking their bunny ears.

a very serious checker match between chris and bret

just a couple of bunnies....they wore these ears the entire time.

just a rockin' away, waiting for food!

grammie fran and baby mollie

mollie :)

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