Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Auntie Love

Crosby is such a lucky little girl to have so many sweet aunties.

Love you Auntie Tabi! Thanks for all the kisses and cuddles over Christmas Break. I love my purple piggy bank and the gray and pink dress. You have such good taste. Thank you for flying all the way from California to come and visit. Mommy said that is a long way, you're so great for making the trip. Also, I loved playing with Boone. He's such a good puppy!

Love you Auntie Lan! Thank you for cuddling with me and playing with me on the floor. Also, thank you for the work out clothes! I can't wait to match daddy this spring! I forgot to tell Uncle Ran something at Christmas, when Grover gets here make sure you tell him that I have a space here in Texas for him to come and visit me. Love you and Uncle Ran and baby Grover too!

Love you Auntie Aimee! Thank you for giving me a super awesome nickname, also for all for cuddle and play time. I love my TWIN! The clothes you bought for me are so cute. I can't wait to be big enough to wear them. Don't forget, if you need a place to stay or visit, the room across from mine has your name on it! :)

Love you Auntie Kath! I am so glad that you always bring such a fun playmate with you every time we see each other. Thank you for singing to me and making me laugh with your silly faces. You're such a good mommy and auntie. Thank you for the Tickle Monster book and gloves. Mommy read the book to me last night, he is so funny. I can't wait to fit into my kitty shirt. Tell Uncle Bret and cousin Mollie thank you too!

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