Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Saturday, January 14, 2012

7 months

Our sweet little girl is 7 months old. She is growing up so fast. We love this age. It seems like each day she learns something new. We love you Crosby!

Because we had a sick little girl, we have 7 month weight stats. Crosby has a cold and fluid in both Despite the fact that she's sick, she is still super smiley and silly as ever!

7 month weight: 17 lbs 14 oz
Diaper Size: 3
Clothing Size: 6 - 9 months (and a few 12 month items, yikes)

Now onto some fun pictures and facts about little Miss Crosby!

- eating solid food for breakfast and dinner

- loves sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, bananas and applesauce

- warming up to peaches still

- likes to drink from her sippy cup/give herself a bath

- loves to skype and facetime with family

- sits up on her own with no help from mommy or daddy

- is a rolling machine

- often gets "stuck" on her side, but doesn't seem to mind it

- is working on her dexterity each day by feeding herself puffs

- takes 2 two hour naps every day! and some days there is a bonus 30-45 minute nap!

- loves to jump!

- during Christmas she was more interested interested in eating the wrapping paper than what was inside

- would much rather stand than sit on the floor

- has 2 bottom teeth

- when feeling well, is sleeping through the night

- has flown 8 times (4 trips to MN)

- is going to daycare 5 days a week

- spends her week days playing with a 4 month old buddy

- like to cuddle and snuggle

- loves her daddy!

- with give you a courtesy laugh

- is ticklish on her sides and by her neck

- still puts everything in her mouth

- has eaten out twice and did great both times

- giggles at the sound of her bath water running

- blows lots of bubbles

- loves to hear anyone sing

- has a slight fear of dogs

- enjoys riding in shopping carts

- takes shots in her legs like a champ

- loved Santa

- likes to chat during church

- blows lots of snot bubbles (ewww...)

- seems very interesting in what mommy and daddy are eating or drinking

- is getting better at reading books rather than eating them

- her hair is long enough to style after bath time

- when we pick her up from daycare or when we get home, she waves both hands in excitement (it melts my heart)

- shrieks with excitement

- likes to look at herself in the mirror or on the Ipad (this makes her laugh)

- is a drooling machine (doc said the top teeth are making their way down)

- is a good sport about wearing hats

LOVE her!

7 month old photo shoot pics to follow....


Candice said...

Cute blog...cute baby:)

Nick and Jessica said...

Such a big girl! You might want to add using Lawson's foot as a teething toy to her list. Lol. She loves when her mommy and daddy pick her up. Love her!

chris and fran white said...

Oh what a cutie and oh so happy...hugs and kisses from Papa and Grammie...