Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Typical Night at Our House

Every other night at our house is Crosby's bath night. She loves the water! Since her very first bath time, we've used this awesome over the kitchen sink baby bath tub. She started off in the hammock as a teeny tiny infant, she quickly out grew that. Tim is usually in charge of baths, he does a fantastic job at not getting water all over her face, something that I am great at doing. Now that we've introduced solid food, this is what a typical night looks like in our house.

1. Waiting SO patiently for her sweet potatoes! She loves them!

2. A spoonful goes in and some of it comes back out.
3. She is a eager eater! She frequently hums, and turns to get more quickly!
4. Post meal bath. She is a happy bather.


chris and fran white said...

Send Grammie a list of your favorite foods and I will have them at my house...hugs and kisses.

Katie and Bret said...

Chocolate, red wine, corn pudding, wild rice soup, and thumbprint cookies. That should cover my fav foods!