Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Saturday, July 2, 2011

3 Weeks Old

Time is really flying by this summer. Miss Crosby is 3 week old already! Each week we learn a little more about her. She is awake a little more each day, which has been a fun change. She is still sleeping so well at night (praise the Lord). It is hard to believe that she's almost a month old. Where is the time going?

Likes: sleeping on the couch, sucking on her pacifier, eating, sitting upright on daddy lap, skyping/facetime with family in MN and IA, tearing her mittens off, her swing (kind of), laying on her changing table and looking around her room, gas drops

Dislikes: gassy tummy, waiting to eat, going to sleep, swaddling

New Things: liking her swing, spitting up :(, strong neck (she thinks she's older than she actually is), had a MAJOR blow out while home alone with daddy, her belly button is almost completely healed

We want to hear from you:
When do babies gain control of their dinosaur arms?

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