Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Friday, July 29, 2011

1st Twins Game

We waited a whole 7 weeks before introducing Crosby to our favorite MLB team, the Minnesota Twins. Seven whole weeks, can you believe it?
We dressed her appropriately (in only a onesie - no not a Twins onesie, the ones we have are still too big), packed extras (in case of blowouts) and were off. It was stressful for me, I feared the heat. No worries, we went to a night game, but the temps were still warm.
She did GREAT! She was wide eyed, soaking in the whole experience. Crosby got lots of attention from the fans. She is a cutie, who can blame them? We even got lots of attention from the players themselves, well the baseballs. We had 4 foul balls hit in our area. :) We only stayed until the 8th inning, it was longer than I thought I could make it. It was a good experience, she did SO WELL! We'll have to go to another game soon!

Pre-game - Crosby and Mommy

Pre-game - Daddy and Crosby

She wasn't thrilled about dress up!

Guess who is excited?

Our close-up!

1st family trip to a Major League Ballpark to see our MN TWINS!

Time to go home...

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chris & fran white said...

These pictures are precious. Especially love the family picture. True Twins fans.