Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, June 22, 2008

summer lovin'

i love summer. i think i love summer even more since i am a teacher. my dad always jokes that teachers never work. we do have a lot of days off, but during the time that we do work, we work really hard. so summer is like a giant present! we work really hard all year (10 months at least) and we get 2 restful months off.

i have accomplished a few things on my list: movies and pool time :)

a few that i am hoping to check off this week are in MN. i am leaving on tuesday for MN to visit with family! i can't wait to go. MN will be a lot colder..they are predicting temps in the 80s (maybe). but, in TX we've had steamy temps. i talked to my mom today and she said to pack sweatshirts. that is not a good sign.

a bonus that wasn't on my list is that i get to see carrie and annika while i'm in MN. they will be in from CA visiting family. lucky me will be there at the same time! i am super excited.

while in MN i will try to keep you posted with pictures.

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