Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, June 1, 2008

it's summer

our summer has officially started. what? jealous? sorry, the life of a teacher is a tough one.

living in tx has tons of perks. our pool has been open for a couple of weeks, we have been enjoying toasty temps, and i can gladly say i have already enjoyed 3 snow cones. pool, sun, and snow cones what's not to love?

since school is out, i am putting a list of things that i want to do/see this summer. our summer is only 2 months, so i will be trying to pack a ton of things into a little amount of time. i am also looking for fun summer suggestions. i will keep you posted (w/pics) of our summer fun!

things that i want to do/see:
1. paint my kitchen
2. visit canton/spend $
3. spend time at the lake w/ tim (no pics...sorry)
4. see the following movies:
-the house bunny
-get smart
-mama mia
-sisterhood of the traveling pants 2
5. pool, pool, pool, and more pool
6. go to the zoo (ft. worth)
7. celebrate my mom's wedding
8. 4th of july fun (cabin w/ mom and bob)
9. try all non-dairy smoothies from smoothie factory
10. go to at least one twins game (at the dome)
11. visit the 35 bridge (mn)
12. eat at zen sushi
13. walk around lake calhoun (mn)
14. make the trip to sprinkles cupcakes
15. eat at zelo (mn)
16. play with hadly, noah, and breanna
17. fish with my dad
18. read the 4th book of sisterhood of the traveling pants
19. bike to the library at least once a week
20. visit niagara falls
21. eat wings and drink beer with the white's in buffalo, ny
22. take the girls to kung fu panda

this is my list so far. let me know if you have any ideas that i could add to my list. it's going to be a fun summer. :)

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