Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, March 6, 2008

babies, babies, everywhere

i do realize that i have not been a terrific, what can i say i have been a bit wrapped up in stuff. stuff like babies. has anyone else noticed that they are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

babies at school, at church, at whataburger, at target
in tummies, movies, car seats, commercials, EVERYWHERE

all of my friends seem to either be having babies, or talking about having babies. the only problem with this is the big questions gets turned toward tim and i.

almost all of our friends either have babies or are having them soon:
j+a=no name yet

max is super cute and cuddly. yea, he'll be a week old this sunday.
little parker, well we haven't met him yet. we hope to be enjoying his company soon.
i can't wait to meet annika and our little baby who will be here later this year.

tim and i will be there to greet each new little bundle of joy. just as we know, ya'll will be there for us. no, no, no there is no big news to announce. don't worry, we'll keep you informed.


carrie said...

...but you have a babies room on standby? Huh?

The Cunningham Family said...

hey! about our blog name... i just asked aaron to help me come up w/ something. any ideas????

Jake and Amanda said...

Better get busy... the longer you wait, the chance of twins increases... who wants that?!? Just kidding, that happens in like your 40s. You better not wait that long! Whenever you feel the timing is right, we will be there for you. Who's baby is Annika?