Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cameron - 2 months

This little girl is 2 months old! She is continuing to change from day to day.  I am enjoying spending this time at home with her so much.  This month, Cameron had a 2 month appointment with Dr. Towns, so we have weight and height stats!  

Height: 24.75"
Weight: 11lbs 11oz

Read more about Crosby's 2 months here and Carter's here.

Cameron's likes: eating, riding in the car, sitting in her rocker, being talked and sung to, sleeping on her side in her own crib, laying on her changing table, taking a bath, her big sisters, box fan noise, going to church, being held upright, FaceTiming with MN family,  her play mat, going for walks 

Cameron's dislikes: being swaddled (she's warming up to it), waking up early from a nap, napping on Mondays, staying in one place to long, waiting to eat

Cameron is starting to coo, talk and smile very big this month.  She is still eating at 12am or 3am every night (sometimes I don't hear my 12am alarm).  Fingers crossed that sometime during the month she will make it all the way through the night.  After she eats at 12, she'll still wake up sometime in between 4 and 6am.  She will usually wake up due to a dirty diaper, which makes for an early load of laundry.  Cameron is taking 3 decent 1.5 hour naps daily.  One or two naps are around 45 minutes.  Once she's out of her crib, she's a very happy little girl. I've come to the conclusion that she just don't want to miss out on anything. 

Cameron we love you so much!

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