Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Part #1 (in pictures)

We had so much fun spending time with Great Grandma Marvel.

Snow, snow, snow everywhere!
Making birthday cupcakes for Jesus with Nama. She let Crosby crack the eggs.
Baking beauties!
So many sprinkles to choose from.  
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Tractors, snow, window stickers!
Reading Nama a story.
Puzzling with her Grandpa.  Puzzles is in her blood!
Uncle Ross and Carter getting to know each other.
Merry Christmas!

Giving Boone a massage.

These two ladies had a lot to talk about.  Great Grandmas are the best!

Grandpa taught Crosby the art of cookie decorating.

Dance Break!

Seriously, this picture was just to funny not to post.

Girl time!
Bonding with Great Grandma Marvel.

Carter had a great first Christmas.
The best picture I could find of just the two girls.  Crosby looks very protective of her little sister.

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