Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Monday, December 5, 2011

Crosby's 1st Thanksgiving Part #1

We had our very first family Thanksgiving. Tim, Crosby and I got on a plane as soon as I got home from school on Friday. It was a decent flight, considering Crosby had slept a total of 2 hours all day. Took a little snoozer on the flight to MN, she looked super cute laying across our laps. She has been such a great traveler!

While in Minnesota, we were blessed to visit with so many family members. Crosby got to love on a bunch of people! Warning: This is A LOT of pictures!

Hanging with Uncle Ross - Blaze Orange and Plaid
Loving on Great Grandma Elise
Spending some sweet time with Great Auntie Elvi.
Getting fashion tips from Great Uncle Jim.
Snuggling with Great Grandma Marvel.
Learning all about motorcycles from Cousin Cody.
Getting ready for bed with Karly.
Tickling Auntie Pam.
Hanging out with Grandma Lonna.
Cuddling with Grandpa Tim.
Telling Auntie Aimee what's up.
Enjoying some chill time with Auntie Katie.
Keeping Auntie Leanne cozy and warm.
Being silly with Big Papa and Nonnie.
Giving Grammie hugs good-night.
Squeezing Papa.
Meeting mommy and daddy's friends Chris and Jena for the first time!

More Thanksgiving posts to come.....

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chris and fran white said...

Thanks for posting Danielle...Thanksgiving was great fun and looking forward to more family and snuggle time soon. Love, Fran