Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2011

3d butterfly project

it's spring break, which means project time. i am super lucky that my mom came down for the week to assist me on my big "to-do" list for the baby's room.

we spent the majority of wednesday in cedar hill shopping/looking for items to complete the baby's room. mom was such a trooper going in and out of stores in search for curtains that i have in my mind. we probably went in and out of 10+ stores. we did not find the "perfect" curtain, but we have a couple more months before she gets here.

today is thursday and one of my best friends, sandi came over to help my mom paint the nursery. i did choose a color and i will be posting painting picture a little later. the room will need 2 coats of paint, it will be wonderful!

(note to self and others, if your going to paint samples on walls to choose colors, do not do it on a focal wall. )

here is my first art project for the baby's room.

here is the blog that was my inspiration.

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Katie and Bret said...

Super cute butterflies!!! Can't wait to see the room :)