Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, February 3, 2011

iced in

for the past 3 days we've been iced in. it hasn't been impossible to leave the house, i guess i have just made the choice not to leave. plus, texas drivers scare me!

the weather has been very un-texas like. monday night it sleeted and since then the temps haven't reached above 25 degrees. ugh....did i mention it was 75 degrees just 2 days before?

so here is a list of things that i did to occupy my time:
-caught up on dvr recordings
-cleaned the kitchen (3x)
-washed towels
-switched the sheets out
-cleaned baby white's room
-took all tags of baby white's clothes
-organized all of baby whites' clothes
-made cupcakes
-made dinner for 4
-taught tim how to play "farkel"
-played "farkel"
-played "like minds"
-played "mario brothers"
-watched dream girls
-organized the pantry
-cleaned the fridge
-uploaded photos to computer
-uploaded photos to facebook
-updated blog
-visited with alishia
-wrote lesson plans that didn't get used
-planned nursery layouts

three days off is too much. i am going crazy. still waiting to hear if we have in-service tomorrow. snow is in our forecast and temps will not reach above freezing until saturday. i'm ready for spring. or at least spring like weather. yes, i know it's only february. texas has spoiled me.

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