Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Monday, July 6, 2009

mn trip #1 - weekend in owatonna

tim and i ventured up to mn the 3rd weekend in june for my cousin ryan's wedding. while we were in southern mn, we decided to visit tabs at work in northfield. we walked around downtown and took in the yummy scents wafting from the malt-o-meal plant!

karly and ross - downtown northfield

tim and i - downtown northfield

me, tabs, and karly - tabi's office ULF

i was fascinated with this windmill - great example of alternative energy sources being used. (yup, i am science teacher)

ryan and mariah's wedding was in owatonna. friday pm was the groom's dinner at a park. we enjoyed a tastey tex-mex meal, as well as good company.

uncle tim and tabs - groom's dinner

tim and i (yes, there were name tags)

cousins - mike and ryan (the groom)

kaley, sarah, mike

me, grandma elsie, and tabs

tabi and karly

the next day was the wedding. while the girls went shopping and the guys went to the big outdoorsman store, grandma and i spent quality time together. we got all dresed up and had a night of eating and dancing ahead of us.

aunt elvi, briley, aunt betty, and jim

tim x2

mariah and ryan - a prayer

the kiss
at owatonna country club - the reception
tabi, dad, and i

tabi, mom, and i - where was ross?

close ups

my turn

tim and tabi - silly tabi

uncle mark and aunt tina

ross and karly


wade and breanna - a long day

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